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Garena Free Fire Street Beat Top-Up Event: How to get D-Bee character and D-Bee Street beat bundle set for free

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Garena Free Fire Street Beat Top-Up Event: How to get D-Bee character and D-Bee Street beat bundle set for free. It holds the record of most viewers in a single stream, reaching 5+ million viewers in one instance, one of the most-watched battle royale games in the world, Free Fire by Garena. Not only is the game played for entertainment, but it also has some serious esports requirements across the globe, and it is the most popular game in mobile-dominant countries. Coming to its esports FFCO is running live in India and players from their states can play and represent their city/states in national finals.

As a company, Garena always strives to provide the best gaming experience and this is why free fire has always stood out from its competitors. By doing the same, Garena has made D-Bee accessible to its audience and will continue up until July 13th. There are now 40 characters in Free Fire with the introduction of the D-Bee.

Garena Free Fire Street Beat Top-Up Event: How to get D-Bee character and  D-Bee Street beat bundle set for free

With all the custom characters leaving the default ones, they come with different abilities. Street Beat Top Up, an in-game event, allows you to get your hands on the D-Bee from now on. This D-Bee is available through an in-game event called “Street Beat Top Up,” as previously mentioned. The event went live today and will end on July 13th, 2021. By topping up 100 diamonds, players will get D-Bee for free, and by topping up 500 diamonds they will get the whole D-Bee Street beat bundle set absolutely free. 

Step by step guide to get free D-Bee character in Free Fire

  • Step 1- Head to the diamond shop directly by clicking the diamond icon in the lobby.
  • Step 2- Then click on the buy icon and buy a suitable diamond pack. *(Note- Minimum of 100 diamond top-up required to claim D-Bee.)
  • Step 3- After buying users can now head to events sections and click on “Street Beat Top Up” to claim a new D-Bee. They can also claim a new Street-Beat Bundle set if they buy 500 diamonds.

Garena Free Fire D-Bee character’s abilities:

As Garena Free Fire claimed D-Bee is a street dancer and music concert lover. He has a passive skill called by the name Bullet beats. At its brim, this ability increases character movement by 5% and bullet firing ability by 10% when moving and shooting, and its peaks at speed increase by 15%, and bullet firing accuracy by 35%.

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