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Garena Free Fire OB39 Update Leaks: Check out the release date and more

Garena Free Fire OB39 Update Leaks: Check out the release date and more

Garena Free Fire OB39 Update Leaks: Check out the release date and more – After much anticipation, the OB38 Update is finally kicked off in Free Fire. Many features, content, and more have been included this time. Gamers are literally happy and are very excited to experience it. As usual, the developers also come up with some innovative ideas and execute them flawlessly to make the Ob38 update the best in its way. Following the newly added OB38 updates in the game, some players have started exploring the leaks of the next update i.e OB39 update.

Players are excited for the next update because the leaks suggest that many new features will be introduced. This time the developers are coming with much more addition to make the update worth playable and outstanding. Some data miners are expecting the OB39 to be one of the biggest and game-changing updates in the game similar to the current OB update. As of now, only a few leaks have been out but the expectation for OB38 is in the sky. Follow us for more updates. 

Garena Free Fire OB39 Update Leaks: Check out the release date and more

As per several in-game formats and other calculations, the next OB update i.e the OB39 may officially get released in Free Fire in the first week of March 2023. At this time, many gamers face problems upgrading their game to the news. So, they must update their version of Free Fire as soon as they can to something immersive and marvelous. As if there are no such leaks revealed yet, players must stay tuned to the community because the data miners will start revealing the leaks in the upcoming weeks.

Here are some leaks of the upcoming Booyah Pass Season 2

The February month Booyah pass or the Booyah Pass Season 2 will probably be released on 1 or 2nd February 2023. With Wonderful rare rewards, new Features such as Exp sharing, the new BP, and more are sure to bring a new charm to the title. Similar to Elite Pass, gamers here also need to spend 499 diamonds for Booyah Pass and 999 diamonds for Booyah Pass Plus.

Here are some of the leaked items of Booyah Pass Season 2:

  • Croco Slayer Parachute and Sports Car – Crocoslayer.
  • Croco Slayer Banner and Crocochamp Banner.
  • Croco Slayer Loot Box.
  • Croco Slayer Avatar and Crocochamp Banner.
  • Croco T-Shirt and Crocotamer Bundle.
  • Grenade – Croco Slayer.
  • Croco Slayer Skyboard.
  • Pixel Croco Backpack.
  • Evolution Stone.
  • Crocodile Bundle and BP S2 Crate.
  • BP S2 Crate.
  • BP S2 Crate.
  • BP S2 Crate.
  • CroBat skin.
  • BP S2 Crate.
  • Croco Hooray emote.
  • Kord – Crocodile and BP S2 Crate.
  • BP S2 Deluxe Crate.

Players can stay tuned because more leaks will be incorporated as the official release date comes closer.

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