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Garena Free Fire OB33 update patch notes: Check full patch notes here

Garena Free Fire Max OB33 update patch notes: Check full patch notes here
Garena Free Fire Max OB33 update patch notes: Check full patch notes here
Garena Free Fire OB33 update patch notes: Check full patch notes here- The most anticipated OB33 update is about to touch the Free Fire server tomorrow which is on 24th March. Players now are really excited to experience the all-new features, optimizations, rewards, and more in the newly OB33 update. We know that the OB32 update came with a lot of game-changing features, rewards, collaborations, and events to the game which hyped the title a lot. So this time the developers worked hard to make the new OB33 much better and more attractive compared to the OB32.
Many players already know about the features from the Advanced server which they are going to experience. Players should know that the officials have confirmed the new character and some other new features. Moreover, the patch notes for the upcoming OB33 update have been released featuring many new exclusive things for the players. Follow this article to know more about the upcoming features players are going to experience in the OB33 update.

Garena Free Fire OB33 update patch notes: Check full patch notes here

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Free Character System: Link

Now players can claim or get to play with their desired character in any in-game mode. All these systems will be available in the newly provided Link System. Players should note that they can only link or connect with one character at a time. A linked point will be provided with a limit and the points will also be restored every day. Now, players can enjoy playing with their l9inked characters and can improve their gameplay on the battlefield.

New Character: Kenta

 A new character will be added to the game. The ability of the character named Swordsman’s Wealth will allow the users to create a shield in front of them which will reduce the damage taken from the front. The cooldown time of the ability will be 160s in the MAx level.

Gaming Environment Improvements

Credit System

The players who have been reported through the game because of their abusive behavior and more will face 1-5 points deducted points after the match. Whereas the players who will be the MVP or play the match with no internal sites or abusive behaviors will be credited with extra points and valuable prizes.

Optimizations in Report system

Players can now report other players after the match. They can go to their match history page to resort to the players they have decided. Moreover, extra reasons have been added to the game for reporting.

New In-game voice chat Reporting feature

A new feature will be available to the current mute slot, where the users can report the selected players on the spot itself. Moreover, inappropriate players or reported layers will get mute suspense in the match itself.

New Gameplay Adjustments

New enhanced animations will be available for the players who will execute a quadra in the match.

New in-game missions

Users can now purchase from the vending machines through FF coins.

New Weapon

New Weapon G36 will be available in the game after the update. The gun falls under the AR category with a good fire rate and damage.

Note- Players must get happy because the developers have optimized this update a lot and had adjusted it to make this update size smaller than the others.

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