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Garena Free Fire New Event: Charge the Portal to Come Home, All You Need to Know

Garena Free Fire New Event: Charge the Portal to Come Home, All You Need to Know

Garena brings a lot of events into the game such as Venom events, 2nd-anniversary events, and more, with which players are often rewarded many exclusive items. Now, Free Fire Diwali Celebrations are going on, featuring many new events in the game. The event which is live right now is ‘Charge the Portal to Come Home’.

Players will receive many exclusive rewards after completing this event such as gun skins, pets and more. The event will run from October 25th to 7th November 2021. As the event is running for plenty of time, players will have enough chances to grab these rewards, especially for the beginners. In this article, we are going to showcase more details about this event.

How to Complete the Free Fire event?

To complete the event and claim the rewards, players have to just complete all the daily missions which are provided in the event. Here is the list of all the daily missions:

  • Booyah in BR Mode- 1x energy point.
  • Eliminate 1 Enemy in BR Mode- 1x energy point.
  • Win a CS Match- 1x energy point
  • Log In- 1x energy point
  • Play Any Games with Friends- 1x energy point.

Moreover, players have to collect the energy point by completing all five missions. After collecting energy points, we have to tap on the cracker option to charge up the portal. After reaching each milestone section, we have to choose one prize out of all the others. Free Fire

Rewards for completing each milestone

PORTAL UNLOCK: Legendary Gunskins (Choose 1 out of others)

  • Famas- Warrior’s Spirit
  • UMP- Art of War
  • M60- Crimson Red
  • M4A1- Flaming skull

EXTRA CHARGE PET: Pet (Choose 1 pet out of others)

  • Detective Panda
  • Rookie
  • Shiba
  • Robo
  • Ottero

SUPERCHARGE:  Not yet revealed.

Note-  Players have to charge the portal upto 150 points to unlock the Super Charge milestone section.

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