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Garena Free Fire: Character’s Ability Adjustment in OB31 Update, All You Need to Know

Garena Free Fire: Character’s Ability Adjustment in OB31 Update; All You Need to Know

Garena Free Fire: Character’s Ability Adjustment in OB31 Update, All You Need to Know. The OB30 of Free Fire is live now and will soon be going to end on 30th November. We know that this update has brought a lot of new content to the game which players have loved a lot. The developers after a lot of testing are now set to drop the new update of the game.

As we know, with the end of OB30 a new update that is the OB31 will go live in the game. Players must be excited because the next update will also come with a lot of special features and optimizations in the game.

Developers know that some characters such as K, Chrono, and others are dominating the whole game in both CS and BR mode. Moreover, in the few updates, these characters are being used at their peak. On the other hand, many players are facing imbalances in gameplay because of these characters. Therefore Garena decided to adjust the characters to balance the game. These changes will take place in the OB31 Update, so stay tuned to the game to experience it. In this article, we are going to discuss the ability adjustment of the characters.

Ability Adjustment of the characters after OB31 Update

Here is the list of the characters ability adjustment that will be made in the OB31 update:


After the launch of THIVA, very minimum players have used the character and THIVA falls on the Underatted character of Free Fire. After the OB31 the ability of the characters is expected to get a buff. After the update, the ability ‘Rescue speed’ will be increased by 10% instead of 5%. Moreover, users will recover 15HP in 5s after a successful rescue.


D-Bee is also a very underrated character in Free Fire. Very few people have been seen using the ability of the character. After the update, the movement speed of the ability will increase by 5% and the accuracy will be increased by 20% instead of the current 10%. Players should use this because the character got a good buff.


Maxim is one of the destructive and desired characters in Free Fire. Moreover, Maxim is one of the most used characters after the recent updates in the game. After the OB31 update, the rate of eating and using medkits will be 5% instead of 15%. The ability will get a serious nerf.


K also falls under the category of the most used character in Free Fire. Moreover, the ability is also life-supporting in aggressive fights. After the update, Max EP will be increased by 50. On Jiu-jitsu mode: teammates will recover 500% Hp within 6m of range. ON Psychology mode: players will recover 2 EP in every 2.2s instead of 3s until 150 Ep. The cooldown time of the mode switch is 3s.


As we know, the ability of the Chrono has been nerfed many times before. When Chrono was launched it was one of the powerful characters in Free Fire. The character was kind of invincible. After the OB31 update, the ability will create a force shield which will be broken by providing only 800 damage. Movement speed will be 0%. The ability will last for 3s and the cooldown time will be 180s instead of 250s.

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