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Garena Free Fire and DJ Alok will invest ₹6 crores for youth development in India

Garena Free Fire and DJ Alok will invest ₹6 crores for youth development in India

Garena Free Fire and DJ Alok a Brazilian musician, DJ, and record producer have partnered to develop youth development in India, Garena and DJ Alok collaborated with leading charitable organizations for youth development in India. They allocated 6 crores to support the programs creating awareness and a positive impact on the young generation of India. DJ Alok 6 crores

The main objective of this collaboration is to provide support to the organizations that are promoting free education to the children who are unable to study due to lack of money, organizations protesting against child labor and rescuing them from it, and the organizations who are providing a platform for the young people to showcase their talent and strengths across various parts of India. DJ Alok 6 crores

Garena and DJ Alok institute have collaborated with three charitable organizations :

  • Kailash Satyarthi Children Foundation – Garena and Alok institute will provide education opportunities to 4,000 children and will also make a contribution in developing the Madhya Pradesh villages to get city-like features.
  • Garena and Alok Institute will support the work of the Ashok International organization in India by providing the necessary funds to the five young and creative Ashok fellows.
  • The development of the Mokkalachenu village which is a home of almost 68 families will be done by Garena and Alok Institute with the help of Lokka Foundation by providing them all the beneficial things like infrastructure and educational opportunities.

Alok is a popular DJ from Brazil who also streams the game. After the announcement, DJ Alok stated his feeling towards the Indian audience by the following statement :

India has a special place in my heart and my career, and I want to express my gratitude by giving back to the community. The Alok Institute’s mission is to promote transformational changes and improve the lives of thousands of people. Each of the organizations we are working with embodies that ethos by focusing on programs that deliver tangible outcomes.”

My life, my work, and the Institute’s presence are global, but my focus as a philanthropist is very local and based on delivering concrete outcomes.

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