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Garena Free Fire: 5 best Free Fire pets in 2021, check list here

Garena Free Fire: 5 best Free Fire pets in 2021, check list here
Garena Free Fire: 5 best Free Fire pets in 2021, check list here

Garena Free Fire: 5 best Free Fire pets in 2021- As we all know, features in Free Fire are very important and unique for gamers such as gloo wall, Gunskins advantage, character skills advantage, and pet’s skill advantage. These games help the players to immerse themselves in their gameplay and skills. These all unique features in the game made the battle royal title different from others. The developers introduced many characters, gun skins, and many pets to hype the title and to shake the meta. Whereas, gamers get very excited to grab new things in the game. 

As Garena has introduced many things in the game over several years, they have also added many pets and the last one which will drop in the game is Yeti and it will be released on 1st January 2022. As per the game, the topmost pet which is mainly used and is one of the top choices is the Detective PAnda. Mainly its ability which is the Panda’s Blessings helps the gamers to restore a total of 10 HP securing a kill. Whereas the other pets are not rapidly used by the players because the hype of Panda has increased a lot. Here in the article, we will discuss the top 5 strongest and useful pets as good as detective panda in Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire: 5 best Free Fire pets in 2021

Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor is one of the top choices and desired pets and is a very popular pet in the game. The pet has an ability named Smooth Gloo which gives the players 1 Gloo Wall every 100 seconds at the highest level when they have less than 2 Gloo wall grenades. This pet will be more helpful in BR maps when the gamers will get gloo walls every 100 seconds and they can use them in several fights.


Falco pet has an ability named Skyline Spree which helps the gamers and their allies to increase their gliding speed by 30% and 37% increase in diving speed after the parachute opens at the max level. The pet will be very helpful in BR mode where players can fastly dive into the land and loot first.


Ottero pet has an ability named Double Blubber which helps in tom recover some Ep when gamers are using treatment pistol or Medkit. The amount of EP restored is 65% of HP recovered in the max level. This pet is another excellent competitive pet of Detective Panda.


Rockie has an ability named Stay Chill which helps the players more who play with an active ability character in the game because with the help of the ability the Cooldown time of the active skill will be decreased by 6%. Moreover, the cooldown time of the pet will decrease by 15% at the max level which will surely help the players in aggressive fights.


Beaston has an ability named Helping Hand which increases the throwing distance of the grenades, gloo wall, Flashbang, and smoke grenade by 30% at the max level. It will mainly help the gamers when they want to secure a kill by throwing grenades at the opponents when they are at a specific distance.

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