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Garena Free Fire: 3 Best Character Combinations with using Gold Currencies

Garena Free Fire: 3 Best Character Combinations with using Gold Currencies
Garena Free Fire: 3 Best Character Combinations with using Gold Currencies

Garena Free Fire: 3 Best Character Combinations with using Gold Currencies. The features in Free Fire such as character combinations, pet combinations, gloo walls, and more are the things that make it unique from other battle royal titles. Free Fire is a very unique game from other titles. The character here has a special ability that helps the gamers in the battleground and to give tough fights to the opponents.

Moreover, pets here also have different abilities in the game. One more special feature in the character section is that gamers can combine other character skills in the game to achieve an advantage during various matches. They have to just buy the skill slots by using the golds or diamonds currency of that particular character.

Players can easily apply various characters’ skills and combine them to use them but they should remember that in the three slots they can only possess one active and two passive abilities. In the recent updates in the game, the developers have set many hot characters accessible by the players for gold. Now, gamers have the best chance to grab and combine the characters and to give a hard fight in the game. In this article, we are going to share Top 3 best character combinations using gold.

Top 3 best character combinations using gold

Garena Free Fire: 3 Best Character Combinations with using Gold Currencies

Garena Free Fire: 3 Best Character Combinations with using Gold Currencies

We have listed the top 3 best character combinations using gold for the players. They should note that one can make their own character combination but using our mentioned combination will surely upgrade your gameplay. Here is the list:

Hayato+ Kelly + Moco+ Paloma

Players can use this combination because Hayato’s ability with the Bushido will help the players increase their armor penetrations with a decrease in HP. This ability will help them in close combat fights. Whereas, Kelly’s ability with the Dash will help the players to increase their sprint speed by 1%. On the Other hand, Moco’s ability, which is the Hacker’s eye, will tag the enemy’s positions when they are hit. 

Moreover, allies will also see the enemies’ position at the same time. Lastly, Paloma’s ability, which is the Arms’s Dealing, will allow the players to carry 30 extra AR ammo which will help them in aggressive situations in the game.

Clu+ Shirou+ Maro+ Dasha

Clu possesses an active ability named Tracing Steps which will help the players to locate the enemy’s positions within 50m of range till 5 seconds. Moreover, the locations will be also shared with the teammates. This ability will surely help the gamers in various fight situations where they can locate enemies’ positions and can kill them easily.

Secondly, Shirou’s ability is a passive skill named Damage Delivered. The ability will help the players when they are hit, the enemy’s positions will be tagged within a range of 80 m for 3 seconds. The cooldown time of the ability is 25 seconds.

After that Maro’s ability is named Falco Fervour. Damage to adversaries increases with distance of  5%. Furthermore, the damage given by the players to mark enemies is boosted by 1%. Lastly, Dasha’s ability reduces the fall damage and recovery time of the players by 30% and 60%.

A124+ Miguel+Luqeta+ Kelly

The name of the ability of A123 is Thrill of Battle will help the players to convert 20 EP into HP in four seconds. Players should remember that they can convert the EP into HP only after every 10 seconds. This ability will help the players in aggressive fights where they can easily recover HPs in four seconds. 

Miguel’s ability is Crazy Slayer which helps to gain 30 Ep for each frag. Players must use the  A124 and Miguel’s combinations because in tough flights Miguel will gain 30 EP and A124 will help it convert into HP. Luqueta’s ability is Hat Trick which increases the HP of the gamers by 10 up to 50 for each kill. Players will have 250 HP while using the character in the match and having 250 HP is a big advantage for the players.

Lastly, Kelly’s ability named Dash will help the gamers to sprint by 1% and this will be very helpful in rotation in the middle of fights, escaping, and rushing situations in the match.

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