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Free Fire: Top 5 New Features Introduced in the Garena Free Fire OB30 Update

Free Fire: Top 5 New Features Introduced in the Garena Free Fire OB30 Update

Free Fire: Top 5 New Features Introduced in the Garena Free Fire OB30 Update. The Free Fire OB30 Update has released by Garena on the 28th of September, 2021. This update brought many new changes in the game making it the biggest ever update in Free Fire. The new changes added – in-game optimizations, characters and weapons adjustments, and more. The size of this update is around 465 MB. This update also featured many new items in the game. The patch notes of the OB30 update are already released by Garena before its dropping in the game. The update is also known as the ’Booyah Day’ update.  Here in this article, we will talk about the top 5 new features added in this update. 

Free Fire: Top 5 New Features Introduced in the Garena Free Fire OB30 Update

6v6 Clash Squad Mode

Garena Free fire OB30 UPDATE

Clash Squad mode is the most famous mode in Free Fire. Basically, there will be a 4v4 fight in clash squad mode in a small area. Ranked tiers are also organized in this mode, which gets reset in every OB update. But now, Garena has enhanced this mode to a 6v6 match. Players no need to worry because this mode is only going to add in custom matches. This feature brought a huge change to the game. 

Battle Royale Adjustments

Garena has added new options to get revived or to spend the FF tokens by introducing the new airdrop vending machine. They also added new HUD display changes, which will help us to see the reveal points when captured, on the map. Now, this will be quite risky for enemies to revive at reviving point.

New Healing Weapon

Garena Free fire OB30 UPDATE

Developers added a new and better treatment gun for the players and their teammates which is the Treatment Sniper. This will allow us to heal our allies from a distance, which may provide a huge role in long-range fights. Players should note this weapon is only available in BR mode. Garena Free Fire OB30 Update

  • Base Damage- 70
  • Heal Strength-50
  • Rate of Fire- 0.45

New Replay system

Garena Free fire OB30 UPDATE

The new Replay system will be added with the OB30 update. This new feature will allow the players to give a chance to take a look at their game highlights of that match. But this feature is only supported for some devices.

Weapon Stats Adjustments

Garena introduced two armour attachments for the players to upgrade when they are busy looting. 

  • Vest Thickener- This will reduce the damage from explosions when quipped.
  • Vest HP Booster- This will help us to increase HP when quipped in your vest.

Note-  Characters balancing adjustment like Chrono, Wukong, Andrew got a few nerfs, while Shirou got buff in this update. The developers realized that players are facing some difficulty at final circles in clash squad matches on the clock tower and mars electric. So, they adjusted spawn points for both teams to balance it. Moreover, developers had slightly adjusted the play zone to end up in the center of the warehouse on Mars Electric.

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