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Free Fire Sigma Battle Royale – Why Free Fire players are considering the newly launched game

Garena Free Fire Lite: Leaks reveal that a Lite version of Free Fire is arriving

Free Fire Sigma Battle Royale – Why Free Fire players are considering the newly launched game: With all the focus being shifted to the probable unban, Free Fire players find a fresh positivity through a newly launched game, Sigma Battle Royale. Since its inception, the game amassed more than 1 million users, however, after violating Google’s policy, it was immediately ousted from the virtual store. Gamers are still in pursuit of the game as the article will cover from all possible angles regarding the same.

Sigma Battle Royale, launched a few days back, grabbed the attention of Free Fire users. The game features an identical exposure, allowing users to explore a BR game, with a size less than 300 MB. Gamers have started calling it as Free Fire Lite; however, Garena is yet to clarify on the same.

Free Fire Sigma Battle Royale

One of the popular data miners, Knight Clown released a gameplay video way back to reveal its features. The video showed a character jumping out from the plane through Skateboard for a particular location in a map. The visuals looked close to the Free Fire. In a naked eye, anyone can understand that the game is a copy-paste version of Free Fire. Hence, Google had no choice but to shut down. However, the apk file of the game is still available online. Players can still enjoy the same without any havoc.

The rumours of Free Fire Lite have certainly led the foundation on Sigma’s recent success. On the other hand, there have been many reasons floating around the internet behind Sigma Battle Royale’s arrival. Many publishers release fresh applications for a topic to understand the demand of the same. However, Garena has not moved a bit since as the community awaits for further clarification. So, this is all about the newly launched game.

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