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Free Fire Rampage 2021: DJ Duo Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike is back for 3.0

Free Fire Rampage 2021

Free fire Rampage 2021 campaign featuring theme song bye DJ duo Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike is back for its third edition. It will be Free Fire’s third rampage edition after two well-received editions. This time the theme song is produced by DJ duos like Mike and Dimitri Vegas. The game will have a time-limited Rampage: New Dawn game mode in which the players will get to experience the potential of protagonists.


Garena free fire’s Rampage mode is back for a third year after being successful for two consecutive years. The campaign was well received by the free fire community all over the world and was popular among the players.

This time it is back with a new theme named “New Dawn” while the previous two were named “Redemption” in 2019 and “Uprising” in 2020.
To celebrate Rampage and 2021, free fire has partnered with world-renowned DJ duos Like Mike and Dimitri Vegas for the exclusive theme song.

Free Fire Rampage 2021


The DJ duo Like Mike and Dimitri Vegas ranks second on the DJ Mag’s top 100 DJs list. The duos produced an exclusive Rampage theme song titled “Rampage” in which fans will be able to enjoy the song on the spawn island following the 9th of June.

Features of New Rampage: New Dawn

Rampage seeks to inspire players to never back down and engage the battle and emerge victorious out of it be it free fire or beyond. This motto is a continuation of Garena free fire’s previous Rampage campaigns. Rampage New Dawn takes place in a futuristic Oriental City filled with despair where four individuals are willing to become vigilantes for the needy world.

The four vigilantes are Speedy, Aura, Drake, and Rajah. They are being held captive in a lab mutation program where they were tricked into an experiment. In the lab, they are monitored in a controlled environment as they get stronger faster, and smarter.

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From 18 June players will be able to fight against the captors and help the vigilantes escape the lab. Bring their characters out with the help of Shadow Earthshaker, Phoenix skyboard, and Black tortoise pan. During this event, the shadow Earthshaker bundle will be awarded free to all the players during the login and complete the respective missions during the period.

Game mode details and date

A new time-exclusive mode for Rampage new Dawn is being introduced by free fire on June 26 where players can experience the full potential of the 4 protagonists.

This new game mode follows the classic battle royale mode but with a twist, users will be able to pick up runes across the map and receive runes unlock special attributes for their characters.

As Players get more experience and level up further they will be able to unlock more attributes and will be prepared to face more intense battles with their friends and enemies. With over 20 attributes of the protagonist, the players will have to figure out the best deadly combo to come out on top by gaining experience.

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