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FREE FIRE PETS: 5 Best Pets Who helps in Healing and Combat in Garena Free Fire

FREE FIRE PETS: 5 Best Pets Who helps in Healing and Combat in Garena Free Fire

FREE FIRE PETS: 5 Best Pets Who helps in Healing and Combat in Garena Free Fire. As we know, unique features provided by Free Fire are very essential for the players in the Battleground. As the characters in the game have special skills, Garena introduced various pets which give good support in several fights. They help in various ways such as in Healing, revealing enemies’ positions, helps to restore armor, and more.

Players should note that they need to have a good combination with the characters in order to give a tough fight and to win. Moreover, some pets in Free Fire such as Kitty and Mechanical Pup are useless and they don’t possess any abilities either. Lastly, players can purchase pets through diamonds via in-game stores. Today, this article will show you the 5 best pets for Healing and combat.

FREE FIRE PETS: 5 Best Pets Who helps in Healing and Combat in Garena Free Fire


The ability of the pet is Mushroom Sense, which allows the players to reveal nearby mushrooms. Using this, players can boost their health when they don’t have medkits or any other treatment supplies. With every 180 seconds cycle, Shiba will spot nearby mushrooms and it will last up to 30 seconds at the base level. At the max level, each cycle for finding mushrooms will reduce to 120 seconds. Players should remember that this pet is only for BR mode.

Spirit Fox

The ability of the pet is Well Fed, allowing the players with extra HP when using Medkits. Spirit fox will restore an extra 4HP at the base level and 10 HP at the max level. This pet will definitely be a better option for healing battles. Spirit Fox can be used in both BR and CS mode.


Players already know that Gloo walls are one of the most important features basically in violent fights. The players who fully depend on gloo walls should definitely use Robo pet. The name of its ability is Wall Enforcement. The ability provides an additional 60HP attached shield to your gloo walls. This enhances to 100 HP at the max level. Robo will surely become a life-supporting pet, especially in aggressive fights.

Detective Panda

Detective Panda is another healing ability pet in Free Fire and is one of the most famous and adorable pets. The name of the ability is Panda’s Blessings, which provides HP when a kill is scored as similar as the Jota character. The ability will restore 4HP/s per kill at the base level and it will enhance to 10HP/s at the max level.


The pet is only helpful for those who use active skill characters. Active abilities have a cooldown time when their abilities are frozen for some time. During that time, opponents will get the best opportunity to defeat us. Therefore, Rockie’s ability to ‘Stay Chill’, helps the players in times like these. The ability allows to reduce the cooldown time by 6% of active abilities at the base level and 15% at the max level.

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