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FREE FIRE OB30 UPDATE: Check out all the new features, advance server date and time

FREE FIRE OB30 UPDATE: Check out all the new features, advance server date and time

FREE FIRE OB30 UPDATE: Check out all the new features, advance server date, and time. The Free Fire OB30 Advance Server has been thoroughly tested by the users, and they are looking forward to the upcoming patch. The game is expected to feature new characters, pets, multiple fire guns, and features including recording the gameplay. Developers have started teasing the upcoming features via social media posts to get the hype going.

Free Fire also announced their collaboration with the movie Venom, raising the hopes that themed content will be added to the next patch, thus adding an extra layer of excitement.

Free Fire OB30 Update: Release date and time

It is estimated that Free Fire OB30 will be released with its latest update on 28 September, between 10:30-12:00 PM IST (GMT +5:30). This is based on the pattern observed in the past few updates.

Free Fire OB30 Update: Features

Replay function: In the upcoming update, the replay function will undoubtedly be at the center of interest. Even though the exact specifications are not announced, it is likely to be a game-changer.

Airdrop Vending Machine: Battle Royale mode will feature an Airdrop Vending Machine, which will enable users to purchase high-tier combat supplies for FF Tokens.

Training Ground revamped: An important addition in the upcoming update is a series of improvements to the Training Ground, including a cleaned combat zone that enables users to practice their skills effectively.

Advance Server additions

The update does not include all features of the Free Advance Server.

New characters: Apart from all the new features, users expect the developers will introduce two mystery characters from OB31 Advanced Server. Previous updates have introduced a new character. The first character has a heuristic called Memory Mist, while the second has telekinesis ability.

New weapons: The game is expected to include two weapons, a treatment shotgun and a treatment sniper, both of which can heal teammates while doing damage to their opponents.

New pet: Agent Hope is a pet that may be added to the game as well as Bouncing Bonus, which replenishes EP as the safe zone shrinks.

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