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Free Fire Max Nexteera map: Check out the Detailed Information about the Upcoming BR Map

Free Fire Max Nexteera map: Check out the Detailed Information about the Upcoming BR Map

Free Fire Max Nexteera map: Check out the Detailed Information about the Upcoming BR Map – Players of Free Fire Max are now experiencing the title’s 5th anniversary with the inclusion of various events, rewards, new lobby themes, and more. To celebrate this anniversary with full enjoyment the developers have also introduced a global collaboration with the famous pop singer Justin Bieber. Players are really excited to play with their fav artist’s character in the game.

Following the celebration of the 5th anniversary, some other things like web events, features, and modes are also up to the mark making the update worth playable. Yes, the developers are all prepared to release a brand new futuristic map in the game. The anticipation is finally over, as players are again going to explore the new BR map including its exciting advanced features. The developers have set the name of the map as ‘Nexteera’. So, stay tuned in the game to alter the standard playstyle but with advanced objectives and places. Check out the section below to know more detailed information about the upcoming Nexteera map.

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Free Fire Max Nexteera map

The developers recently installed a mini-event of the upcoming Nexteera map to increase the hype and charms of the map before its launch. The event is already in the crease and will stay running till October 27, 2022. Players here have to simply download the Nexterra amp in the game and have to play it to win the Incubator Voucher.

More about Nexteera Map

As per the 5th-anniversary event calendar, the Nexteera map will be officially released on 20th August 2022. The map is fully futuristic and is organized with advanced technologies and spots. Users will be able to explore some high-tech buildings, houses, and more which will directly reflect them as they are in the future. Moreover, some magic-like portals are also organized where players can teleport to other spots instantly by entering them.

Apart from that some advanced vehicles and immersed in-game graphics will provide a more dashing experience. Anti Gravity Zones are also included where users can get access to some overpowering objects like they can make high jumps, fire in the air, and more.

As per the leaks and the opinion of some data miners it has been stated that the Nexteera map is a mixture of Bermuda and Purgatory. Here is the list of some  places on the Nexteera map that players must visit and enjoy with their allies:

  • Intellect Center
  • Twin Bridge
  • Museum
  • Mortar Ruins
  • Turbine
  • Farmtopia
  • Zip way
  • Rust Town
  • Plazaria
  • Grav Labs
  • Deca Square
  • Mud Site

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