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Free Fire Max May Month Booyah Pass Leaks: All you Need to Know


Free Fire Max May Month Booyah Pass Leaks: All you Need to Know- The in-game March Month Booyah Pass is about to conclude in a few days. Players on the other hand are already anticipating its next replacement which is the April pass. Many leaks are revealed regarding the April month of the Booyah pass and a majority of them are excited about it.  

The next Booyah pass is about to be incorporated on 1st April and will continue for a month. Apart from that some data miners are far more advanced than us and have already started exploring for the leaks of May month Booyah Pass and have already found some. Users are too fascinated and trying their best to get fresh leaks as soon as they can. Follow us for more updates.


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Free Fire Max May Month Booyah Pass Leaks: All you Need to Know

As per the in-game format and other various calculations the May month Booyah Pass is expected to be witnessed in the first week of May 2023. Here are some of the leaked items of the May month Booyah Pass:

  • Freestyle Dipping Bundle.
  • Charge Buster- Moonwalker skin.
  • Moonwalker Backpack skin.
  • Freestyle Spins Bundle.
  • Zesty Rollers Banner.
  • Zesty Rollers Loot Box skin.
  • Tuk Tuk- Bright Stripes skin.
  • Skater Jacket.
  • Freestyle Brakes Bundle.
  • Skate Mania Avatar.
  • BP SS token.
  • Zesty Rollers Avatar.
  • Wheels of the Future Skyboard.
  • Grenade- Spins and Dips skin.
  • Zesty Rollers Backpack skin.
  • Grace On Wheels emote.

Yes, the May Month Booyah passes are in the impending line and will come out soon on the crease. Users must note that they have to play and have to complete several missions to get all the rewards if they purchase the Booyah Pass instead of the Booyah Bundle i.e the premium pass plus. 

Usually, players have to spend 499 diamonds and 999 diamonds for Booyah Pass and for Booyah Bundle.

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