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Free Fire: How to win the shadow earthshaker bundle for free

Free Fire Rampage 2021

The Shadow Earthshaker bundle is a new costume based on the Mythos four in Free Fire rampage called: The New dawn campaign. The famous Rampage campaign returns for the third time in Garena Free Fire which is called the New Dawn. This time the story is about 4 protagonists – The Mythos four and their journey to take down the villains. Garena will release costume bundles and more based on the Mythos four.

The shadow earthshaker is one of the mythos four bundles officially released by Garena as of now. You can unlock and claim this bundle for free by completing quests. Players need to do missions daily and claim the tokens earned. Then these tokens can be used to exchange for rewards in the event shop.

In the Rampage: New dawn campaign, there will be four paths that players have to clear. Each of the four paths corresponds to one of the Mythos four member’s journey. Each path will have a different set of quests that players have to complete. The shadow earthshaker bundle can be unlocked for free by clearing all four paths. You can also claim might of Mythos tokens for free as a reward for clearing the four paths. The might of Mythos tokens are very valuable items that can be exchanged for rewards in the event shop.

The missions of the New Dawn event are very easy and everyone can complete
them. By completing all of the daily missions, you can win 10 Might of Mythos
tokens daily. Once you have enough Might of Mythos tokens, follow the steps
given below to claim the shadow earthshaker bundle for free.

  • Open the game and go to the events page
  • Select The Rampage: New Dawn event
  • Open the battle of the New Dawn event page
  • Use the Might of Mythos tokens you have to complete all four paths of
    the event. Each “forward” move will cost 2 tokens.
  • When you clear all paths, The Mythos four has escaped and you can now
    successfully claim all the rewards for free.

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