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FREE FIRE: Hacker Store Jack of 4 Trades event is now live, Know the rewards, and how to claim them

FREE FIRE: Hacker Store Jack of 4 Trades event is now live, Know the rewards, and how to claim them. Garena Free Fire

FREE FIRE: Hacker Store Jack of 4 Trades event is now live, Know the rewards, and how to claim them. Free Fire officially announced on their social media handles about the all-new event called the Hacker store: Jack of 4 Trades event as a part of the Moco Rebirth event. The Hacker store: Jack of 4 trades event brings new and exciting rewards for the players. The rewards include 4 amazing bundles, few gun skins and other common rewards that can be claimed for free! In this article, we will discuss the rewards, duration and participation process of the event.


The Hacker Store Jack of 4 Trades event will be live in-game from the 7th of September 2021 – the 13th of September 2021 respectively. There are various rewards available that can be claimed as a part of this event. The most wanted rewards are the 4 new bundles available called the: Flashing Spade Bundle (Yellow colour), Eternal Diamond Bundle (Green Colour), Dreamy Club Bundle (Blue colour) and the Blazing Heart Bundle (Orange colour). There are also 2 gun skins available that are: The MP 40 – Sneaky Clown skin and the AN 94 – Spikey Spine skin. There are also a few bonus prizes available which are as follows:

  • One Name change card
  • Monster truck: Cyber Bounty Hunter skin
  •  Royal Flush Backpack
  • Pet skin: Zapping Dreki
  • Maro
  • Dreki

NOTE: (All the rewards mentioned above cannot be won together, players need to choose one reward out of all the other rewards mentioned above to claim)

Garena Free Fire Event: how to participate

Follow the steps given below to participate in the event:

  • Open the game and head to the events section from the homepage.
  • Now click on the Hacker’s store: Jack of 4 trades event
  • Now you need to select one item from the Grand prize selection and the bonus prize selection to include in the prize pool spin.
  • After selecting your rewards, click on confirm to proceed
  • Now you can spin the draw to win any one reward out of the 6 rewards
  • Each spin will cost you in-game diamonds. The number of diamonds required to spin will keep on increasing with the number of times you spin so keep that in mind.

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