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Free Fire: Get a chance to win 100% free exclusive Rampage Merchandise

Garena Free Fire BR Rank New Season 22: Rewards and details
Garena Free Fire BR Rank New Season 22: Rewards and details

Do you want to win exclusive Rampage IRL Merchandise? Garena Free Fire gives you a chance to win exclusive Rampage Merchandise. Garena Free Fire is never behind giving its players chances to win amazing and unique prizes in-game. Now, going all out they have given all the fans a chance to win 100% Free merchandise. And the best part is you don’t have to do not even near much work. All you have to do is to follow the youtube page of free fire as well as the Facebook, Insta, and Twitter page, and decode the message sent by them.

This event or rather I’d call it a contest will take place from 29th July to 1st July 2021.  The Free Fire Merchandise will be including items of that Rampage Season 3.0. You have a chance to win these exclusive prizes easily. The prizes will consist of Logo, Stickers, Mouse Pad, Mask, Water Bottle and 2 Brand new T-shirts. You can get these items for free. If you’re planning to participate in this contest I’ll suggest being early as you all know the early bird takes the prey, the same way here you are having more chances to get the prizes if you are earlier than the other participants.


Win more prizes besides the Merchandise

You can also win the prizes for joining early as well. If you are sending gifts and prizes to the youtube free fire partners you will have a chance to get the same prizes. How do you get the prizes? You’ll get your prizes based on the time you spend watching. You’ll stand a chance to win the prizes if you accumulate 40 min/80min/120min. Also, don’t forget to log in while these contests as free fire are also giving some in-game prizes. Such as,

  • Might of mythos
  • Black Ballpants
  • Moon Flip Emote
  • Stormbringer pro

And many more prizes are waiting for you so let’s not waste much time and let’s get going.

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