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Free Fire City Open 2021 Live Updates: Hyderabad Nawabs emerged as the winners, Delhi Titans finished at 2nd spot

Free Fire City Open National Finals 2021: Teams, Schedule, Prizepool

Finally, after the completion of all the 8 City Finals, Wildcard Finals, and the City Play-Ins Finals, we now have the top 12 teams who will be participating in the Free Fire City Open (FFCO) National Finals 2021. The National Finals of the FFCO 2021 is scheduled on 15th August 2021 where every team will battle it out for the ultimate title. FFCO National Finals will be the last stage for them to become the ultimate champion. These teams will play a total of 6 matches in the National finals where one will emerge as champion.

RankTeam NameTotalMatch 1Match 2Match 3Match 4Match 5Match 6
1Hyderabad Nawabs732351410156
2Delhi Titans7211121212196
3Lucknow Tigers70612142279

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That’s all for today from our side. Hope you liked this live coverage. Signing off…Happy Independence Day…Let’s meet at the battlefield and get some Booyahs.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 21:23 IST – Hyderabad Nawabs are our ultimate champions of the Free Fire City Open 2021. The team scored a total of 73 points followed by the Delhi Titans with 72 points. Lucknow Tigers finished at the third spot with 70 points.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 21:17 IST – 6 teams left in the final minutes of the game. Who will be our champion, the biggest question? Kolkata Kings took the Booyah, yes you heard it right. With this win, the squad takes the 8th spot in the FFCO 2021 overall standings.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 21:10 IST – 5 minutes into the game, 11 teams and 40 players are alive. One player left for Ahemdabad Lions, running for his life.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 21:04 IST – Early fights taking place, Mumbai Strikers takes the first kill by eliminating the player of Chennai Conquerors. Finally, the journey has ended for Chennai Conquerors in the FFCO 2021. Well Played champs…

The last match of the day, the race to become the ultimate champions is still on. The players will show all their skills and try to dominate the battlefield. Players have jumped down the plane.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 20:56 IST – Delhi Titans take the fifth Booyah of the day. The team scored 19 total points. The team finishing at the second spot is Hyderabad Nawabs with 15 points followed by Dehradun Wolves with 15 points.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 20:49 IST – 15 minutes into the game, and teams are not ready to get back into the lobby. Lucknow Tigers gets down. Fight between Dehradun vs Hyderabad players. Delhi Titans vs Hyderbad nawabs in the final circle.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 20:42 IST – Mumbai Strikers losses their first member. 10 minutes into the game, 11 teams and 41 players are alive. The next circle shrinks fast.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 20:36 IST – Kallu is the player to get eliminated in the first minutes of the game. Some danger zone fights going on. Vizag Vectors becomes the first team to get eliminated at the hands of Lucknow Warriors.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 20:34 IST – All teams have boarded the plane and are ready to jump down the battleground and take down their enemies. Get ready for the Purgatory map. A complete centralized plane path, all teams can get to their desired location easily.

Just two more games left in the grand finals of Free Fire City Open 2021. No one can guess the winner, the games are going strong and all the players are giving their best to emerge as the champions.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 20:23 IST – Lucknow Tigers leads the overall standings with 54 points followed by Hyderabad Nawabs with 52 points. The games are going close, as there is pure domination and points difference between the leading team and the second positioned team. Iconic from Lucknow Tigers is the MVP of the game with 5 kills and 2268 damage points.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 20:13 IST – Lucknow Tigers vs Chennai Hunters in the final circle. Booyah for Lucknow Hunters in the fourth game. The much-needed Booyah for the team and they delivered it with style.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 20:08 IST – Kolkata Kings next team to get eliminated. The game is into its final minutes, 10 teams are alive and trying to get into the circle. Mumbai Strikers wiped out at 9th spot. The intense fight going on.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 20:04 IST – 9 minutes into the game, 11 teams and 43 players are alive. The second circle goes towards the northeast side. All teams are holding their spot and trying to keep themselves alive. Two kills at the hands of Lucknow Warriors.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 20:00 IST – Once again, teams are back on the Bermuda map. The plane path starts from the observatory and ends in Cape Town. Dehradun Wolves becomes the first team to get eliminated at the 12th spot.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 19:53 IST – Maxstar from Ahemdabad Lions is the MVP of the third game with 2 kills and 923 damage. we are halfway down the event and Hyderabad Nawabs are leading the overall standings.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 19:44 IST – 1v4 fight between Hyderabad Nawab and Ahemdabad Lions. The third Booyah of the game goes to Ahemdabad Lions with 5 kills. Hyderabad Nawabs takes the second spot with 14 points followed by Lucknow Tigers with 14 points.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 19:41 IST – Chennai Hunters out of the game at the 11th spot. Kolkata Kings get 8th position. 15 minutes into the game, we are left with 5 teams and 13 players.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 19:32 IST – 5 minutes into the game, 44 players alive. Lucknow Warriors are two-man down. LW.Mafia is down and out of the game. Rahil, the last player standing for Lucknow Warriors. 9 minutes into the game and all the teams are surviving hard to get the Booyah.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 19:20 IST – Next match will be played in Kalahari. The area of complicated terrains and high-tier loots for all the players.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 19:05 IST – 3v3 fight going on. Mumbai Strikers takes the second Booyah of the event with 14 kills. Ahemdabad Lions take the second spot with 15 points followed by Lucknow Tigers with 12 points. Anand from Mumbai Strikers is the MVP of the second game with 5 kills and 1875 damage. Free Fire City Open 2021

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 18:59 IST – 12 minutes into the game, 11 teams and 41 players are alive. Raja is the last man standing for Dehradun Wolves. Kolkata Kings goes down at the 11th spot. 15 minutes into the game, 9 teams and 27 players are alive. Hyderabad Nawab is out at the 9th spot. We are down to the top 5 teams.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 18:54 IST – Finally we get the first knock of the game, CC.Muthu takes down KK.AASIM22. CC.Triger becomes the first player to get eliminated from the game. Mafia takes down Sahil. Vizag Victors become the first team to get eliminated.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 18:48 IST – Second game is ready, the plane path takes an eastern side in the Purgatory map. Three minutes are done and no early fights are seen. The first circle is form on the northern side of the island.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 18:44 IST – Johncena from Hyderabad Nawabs is the MVP of the first game with 5 kills and 1394 damage. Hyderabad Nawabs leads the overall standings with 23 kills followed by Punjab Panthers with 12 kills.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 18:36 IST – Too many fights in the last few minutes of the game. Chennai Hunters out. 6 teams and 15 players. Kolkata Knights are eliminated. Punjab Panthers were eliminated at the second position. Booyah for Hyderbad Nawabs in the first match of the day.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 18:31 IST – Players are trying to get into the circle and avoid zone damage. Clock Tower and Factory in the next circle. Killer takes down Swastik. 15 minutes into the game and we have 10 teams and 37 players alive. Mumbai Strikers are out of the game.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 18:26 IST – All teams are looting and getting ready to take fight in the mid-phase. Fight between Dehradun Wolves and Ahemdabad Lions. Ahemdabad Lions becomes the first team to get eliminated. 10 teams and 39 players are alive. Free Fire City Open 2021

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 18:19 IST – Game 1 is ready, Players are ready. Let’s go. A centralized plane trajectory. First blood in the initial phase of the game. CC Nikhil takes down KK Tanejaop and secures the first kill.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 18:10 IST – A total of 6 matches will be played in the finals starting with Bermuda, Purgatory, Kalahari, Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari.

AUGUST 15th, 2021 / 18:03 IST – Welcome guys to another live coverage of India’s biggest Free Fire tournament ‘Free Fire City Open 2021’. The casters are on screen. Mamba Sr and AB will be bringing us the live-action of the complete tournament. Free Fire City Open 2021 will feature a massive prize pool of INR 60,00,000. Wow. The three-month-long event is finally coming to an end with the top 12 teams from around the region will be competing for the champions trophy.

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