Fortnite x Thor Love and Thunder: Mighty Thor and Thor Odinson coming to  Fortnite!

Fortnite x Thor Love and Thunder: Mighty Thor and Thor Odinson coming to  Fortnite!

Fortnite x Thor Love and Thunder: Mighty Thor and Thor Odinson are coming to  Fortnite! On 7th July 2022 Thor: Love And Thunder were released in theatres, and knowing Fortnite’s close relationship with Marvel, it wouldn’t be fair if its release wasn’t marked by some in-game goodies. Thor Odinson and The Mighty Thor are the most recent MCU figures to join Fortnite’s canon, and both are currently available through the in-game store with two Back Blings, two pickaxes, two gliders, as well as an emote, and a loading screen! Also, use the Full Charge Style of the Outfits and Pickaxes to surround yourself with lightning.

Fortnite x Thor Love and Thunder collaboration


Thor Odinson, the protector of not only Asgard but all of the Nine Realms, is included in the Gods of Thunder Pack along with the following related items:
Thor’s Cape Back Bling: Made from the finest materials available in Asgard.
Stormbreaker Pickaxe: A pickaxe forged from Uru on Nidavellir that can summon the Bifrost.

Flight of the Stormbreaker Glider: Using Bifrost’s power, grab the Stormbreaker and glide across the sky. Bring The Hammer Down Emote: Anyone who can hold the hammer will be granted the power of a powerful ground strike. (This Emote can only be used by the following Outfits: Thor Odinson, Mighty Thor, Thor, and Captain America.)


Jane Foster became Mighty Thor after taking Mjolnir and proving herself worthy of Thor’s power. Mighty Thor is included in the Gods of Thunder Pack, along with the following items:

  • Back Bling for Mighty Thor’s Cape: A classic cape for a new Thor.
  • Reformed Mjolnir Pickaxe: Reassembled by lightning for its new wielder.
  • The Flight of Mjolnir Glider: Using lightning power, grab Mjolnir and glide across the sky.

This isn’t the first time Thor has appeared in Fortnite. The God of Thunder first appeared on the island as part of Fortnite’s massive Marvel crossover season. In fact, he led the way and was responsible for bringing along Wolverine, Dr. Doom, and She-Hulk. Speaking of She-Hulk, someone accidentally confirmed on an Xbox stream that she will be the next hero added to Marvel’s Avengers this week.

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