Fortnite X Subway Surfers: New Concept Art gone viral, check details

Fortnite X Subway Surfers: New Concept Art gone viral, check details

Fortnite X Subway Surfers: New Concept Art gone viral, check details- Many concept artists that constantly create concept art and maps for the game are part of the Fortnite community. Fortnite features some of these maps and works of art that Epic Games has approved. Recently, a concept artist’s Fortnite x Subway Surfers concept art became viral online. Epic games praise the concept art as a few days back a concept artist created a season of Fortnite-themed on ghosts and spirits. The full season as well as the updated maps were posted. Concept artists are now increasing and contributing to the Fortnite community.

Fortnite X Subway Surfers: Tricky makes her way Into the Island

Anhel, a concept artist, revealed the concept collaboration to his followers on social media. The artist considers Tricky as the skin that will be included in the game in the form of an outfit. There have been no changes made to the character’s look as it is looking the same. In the concept art, Tricky appears to be holding a simple hoverboard. It appears to have undergone minor changes in order to fit the Fortnite x Subway Surfers. It could be the glider.

We can also see in the Subway Surfers Concept Art that Anhel has combined two jetpacks to represent back bling. Free 1500 V-Bucks and a Subway Surfers sticker can be seen in the Concept Art. Along with the skin and other cosmetics, there is also lobby music. This music can be the theme from Subway Surfers, which used to play while you ran in the game.

In the past, Epic Games has collaborated with well-known and popular video game franchises. So, it won’t come as a surprise if the creators choose to release a Fortnite x Subway Surfers crossover soon. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the release of Subway Surfers. So, it might be possible that Epic Games comes up with the collaboration of the Fortnite and Subway Surfers soon.

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