Fortnite x Rocket League: Epic Games brings the Rocket League Octane move to Fortnite Island


Fortnite x Rocket League: Epic Games brings the Rocket League Octane move to Fortnite Island- Epic Games made yet another new addition to Fortnight v22.10. This time it is a vehicle rather than a new character. It is called Rocket League’s famed Octane. Reports suggest that this vehicle possesses some ‘wow’ features, with its rocket boosters, supersonic speed, the ability to jump, double jump, dodge, take flight, and drive on walls, is magnificent and is no ordinary a vehicle.

Now that Octane has been installed with many distinct and advanced features. It is up to to the developers of Fortnite to make such an environment where the full potential of Octane can be used by the players. One must keep in mind that this Octane vehicle is extremely speedy, which further enhances its quality. It is reported that the creators would come up with adding some new and updated maps later this year in November. It will be interesting to see how Octane goes along with these newly added maps.

Innovative islands that would maximise Fortnite’s driving experience and make use of the most recently introduced Rocket League Octane Spawner gadget. If one is uncertain from where to begin, they can visit the Octane Tutorial Island for Rocket League, which was created by the team 404 Creative, followed by 7335-2078-5523 the island code.

Fortnite x Rocket League: Epic Games brings the Rocket League Octane move to Fortnite Island

Further one can check out the new Rocket League Octane Spawner gadget to see how one can develop genres. Here below is the link for giving it a try: CLICK HERE

The creative ability to either innovate or modernise established genre conventions: – players might use the distinctive attributes of the Octane to turn a typical road race on its head, it is that good.

Additionally, the Rocket Boost gadget is offered by the developers. This brand-new gadget is a programmable pickup that only functions with the Octane and replenishes its exclusive Boost resource.

A new feature is the Rocket League Prop Gallery, with the aid of this gallery users can create themselves their island as an Octane’s main hub. Such as Place down Rocket League Trusses, Banners, a Car Statue, and Chevron Lights!

404 Creative also released the Octane Template Island for Rocket League in order to inspire designers. One can have a more closer look at this by using, the island code 7808-4434-5127 to access Rocket League’s Octane Template and experience the Octane’s potential in action.

Here below are the Submission requirements guidelines:-

Each creator is only permitted to submit one island and not beyond it.

Much more creativity and High-skilled brains are required, who can make an better environment of the players experiences and islands that are fully functioning, employ devices effectively, create effective limits, and are well designed are more prone to be highlighted.

Innovation is highly appreciated. All people across the globe must be fascinated by innovative island ideas that test the boundaries.
A video summary is required for each submission, as if like a beta version of the gameplay. No additional islands are required for submissions. This means one can completely create a new island with new features or one may upgrade the old version of the island with the new additional features. The last but not the least, It is suggested to use promotional trailers.


The submission period for the island opens on October 18, 2022, at 10 AM ET. While submitting one’s island, one must be be sure to use “Rocket League’s Octane Callout” from the drop-down menu on the Creative Content submission form. Islands must be submitted by November 1, 2022, at 12 AM.

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