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Fortnite x Among Us: Epic Games Introduces “Imposter Mode” in the game

Fortnite x Among Us: Epic Games Introduces "Imposter Mode" in the game
Fortnite x Among Us: Epic Games Introduces "Imposter Mode" in the game

Fortnite x Among Us: Epic Games Introduces “Imposter Mode” in the game. Epic Games announced the new mode which closely resembles Among Us as part of the latest Fortnite patch on Tuesday. Impostor is a new limited-time mode that features ten players in each match – eight Agents and two Impostors.

On the island, all ten players are aboard The Bridge (also like Among Us). The Agents are attempting to fulfill tasks that will allow them to safely arrive at their goal, the Impostors are attempting to eliminate the Agents without revealing their true identities. After things start to look a little strange, or when a player’s body is discovered, the remaining players gather to discuss who the Impostor is.

Naturally, the Impostors are attempting to destroy your efforts during this period. To win, you must aim to eliminate all of the other players while avoiding being voted out. Three power-ups will be available to you along the road to assist you. By stopping the Agents’ progress, Disable Assignments buys you time. Teleport Players is a feature that allows you to move everyone on the map.

Fortnite x Among Us: Imposter Mode- Imposters will be able to cause havoc by disabling all assignments, teleporting players to random locations on the map, and temporarily turning all players into handsome bananas. Imposters will be able to eliminate agents as well, with victory awarded if all of the good guys are eliminated before they are discovered.

Of course, this isn’t the first battle royale game to add a mode like this in recent weeks. In its own recent Season 5 update, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War added the similarly themed Double Agent mode. It’s also worth mentioning that Among Us, which is a take on the traditional party game Werewolf, isn’t the first game to use social deduction. Among Us is also coming to the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 later this year.

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