Fortnite To Get Skateboards: Here is All You Need To Know

Fortnite To Get Skateboards: Here is All You Need To Know

Fortnite To Get Skateboards: Here is All You Need To Know- Fortnite gave us a lot of exciting and amazing content with the release of v21.10 and Season 3. Along with a lot of interesting challenges, we also got some nice content and skins. However, that’s not all, the rumors suggest that a new vehicle will be coming to the game. This new vehicle is going to be a skateboard and Epic Games is also working hard on motorcycles. This article will tell you everything that we know about this topic.

Fortnite To Get Skateboards: Here is All You Need To Know

Epic Games is always trying to give us something interesting with new updates. And this time it’s going to be a new feature that will let us skate. In short, we will be getting skateboards in Fortnite soon. The mechanics for this new feature will be the same as any other game. The skateboard will go slow while going uphill and will speed up while going downhill. This new feature will surely make our Fortnite battles a lot more interesting. We will be able to use this mechanism to quickly get out of battles and who knows what more can we do with this new feature.

Moreover, it makes a lot of sense to look at the new season’s theme for us to get a new skateboard feature. Following the new Skating Royalty Pack, it is not that hard to assume the release of this new feature. Here is a video of sliding in the game.

The new feature is surely going to be interesting. This new feature will be added to the game soon as part of the summer-themed extravaganza. Make sure to play Fortnite and check out the skateboards when they release. Also, make sure to stay tuned with us for more future updates.

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