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Fortnite season 7: Alien invasion theme and everything you need to know

Fortnite Season 7

Fortnite season 7 is almost here following a series of Alien abductions reported by the battle royale players, UFO sightings were also reported hinting at the theme of the season being alien invasion.

Now more details are out about the theme of CHAPTER 2: SEASON 7 which is Alien Invasion. It is a natural follow-up to the last year’s space events. This time the season has a vibe that is very different from the last season’s pre-historic theme.


Features of this season include UFOs that players can hack and pilot, weapons like a rail gun that can shoot through structures, and a scanning device along with a crafting material called nuts and bolts that lets players make classic weapons that were previously removed from the game.

Though like always the big highlight of the season is its battle pass which introduces a number of new characters to the game for those who purchase it. These characters include Superman, a customizable alien named Kymera, a human/alien double agent called joey, and the hulking battle droid. Probably the strangest addition is Guggimon who is a virtual influencer with 1 million followers on Instagram.

For those playing on PC, a number of visual improvements will be there to put the game on par with next-gen gaming consoles.


This season will be a cosmic war between the battle royale players and an alien race called Kymera. Doctor slone and the imagined order (IO) will also be ready to take the threat head-on with new weapons and inventions. Both the sides will have new weapons to fight like IO will have Recon scanner, Rail gun, Pulse rifle for whereas the aliens will fight back with the Kymera Ray Gun.

There will also be flying saucers which the players can shoot down or hijack and they can also be used later to fight enemies using built-in weapons.

Nuts and bolts will also fall from the saucers which can be used to upgrade weapons or make new from existing one’s. Assault rifles can be converted into burst assault rifles and shotguns into lever-action shotguns.

More about the battle pass

Battle pass this time will include lots of new and exciting characters including Rick from Rick and morty DC’S Superman. This time instead of unlocking cosmetics by leveling up the players will be able to earn battle stars every time they level up. Battle pass stars can then be exchanged for rewards in whichever order the players want.

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New skins for guns will be available and a lot of new characters will also be there. Here are the other characters included in the battle pass:

  • Sunny- An alien sympathizer and punk rocker
  • Guggimon- Synthetic artist “who thrives in the chaos”
  • Joey- A double agent alien in disguise.
  • Zyg- A battle droid created by the alien.
  • Choppy- He is included as a back bling.
  • Doctor slone- The leader of the IO
  • Rick Sanchez- From “Rick and Morty”.
  • Superman- DC comics

Also, the players will get a highly customizable Kymera outfit with 800,000 customizations in Fortnite Season 7. These options can be unlocked by finding Alien Artifacts scattered around the island.

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