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Fortnite: New weapon Plasma Cannon to come in Battle Royale Mode

Plasma Cannon

Fortnite: New weapon Plasma Cannon to come in Battle Royale Mode. Fortnite has always given us some unexpected list of weapons. And these weapons had not disappointed the players once in any way. We are again getting a super impressive and ultimate destroying weapon. ‘The Plasma Cannon’ as the name suggests is a new gun that is able to shoot huge plasma balls. So get ready to fight with not just guns. But even with some new high-tech alien weapons as well. 

About the damage of Plasma Cannon

This new weapon in Fortnite is a pistol-like gun. But don’t think of underestimating this amazing weapon based on its size. With one Plasma Cannon, you will be able to shoot 5 Plasma Balls. That Plasma ball is an electrical – dome-like structure and anyone who gets caught in that dome will face a lot of damage. They will even be driven back by that plasma ball. The best part is that you can even trap your enemies in that Plasma Ball and make them face a huge amount of damage.

The plasma cannon’s other best part is that this gun easily destroys the structures. In just an instant you can destroy your enemy’s base, isn’t that pretty useful. You can find this gun on the island and you can even create this weapon with Alien Nanite. All you need to do is to combine the Alien Nanite with a Legendary Pistol. You can fire one Plasma ball at one time. And a total of 5 Plasma balls can be deployed from one weapon. So I guess it would be pretty useful to keep 2 of them. 

Plasma Canon is not going to be on the competitive playlist

This is all information that is available regarding the new gun. One more important thing to note is that this weapon is not going to be available in competitive playlists.

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