Fortnite gamer Mikey has spread the word of evidence against Twitch streamer Bianca

Fortnite gamer Mikey has spread the word of evidence against Twitch streamer Bianca

Fortnite gamer Mikey has spread the word of evidence against Twitch streamer Bianca – On 7 October 2022, The esports insider, Jake lucy shared in a Twitter post about the mental abuse Mikey has been put through by fellow twitch streamer Bianca. In a recent tweet Mikey, a Fortnight gamer, opened up about his personal life where he claimed that Bianca, a fellow Twitch streamer, was an abusive and controlling ex-girlfriend. Additionally, the gamer began to disclose the streamer’s homophobic and racial remarks.

Mikey not only came up with such claims but has a backup of several screenshots in his chat with Bianca. These screenshots were shared by the gamer to make his statement validate. It was seen that Bianca has stated, “stupid monkeys shouldn’t live, ur easy of a human, ur existence will never matter cus no one gives a shit about u”. Bianca further continued by saying, “if u act weird to me imma ruin ur life, everything has been according to plan, u are just delusional”. She even gave an emoji of a monkey ‘🙊’, to further bitter the incident.

Fortnite gamer Mikey has spread the word of evidence against Twitch streamer Bianca

It seems Mike wouldn’t stop here as he further provides accusations along with evidence against Bianca. In another tweet, he stated by mentioning, “What I was/am dealing with and the person @biaancamariie really is. TW: Abuse.”

In Mike’s words, “Usually I don’t post anything on social media having to do with my personal life but this person has mentally and emotionally hindered my mindset and altered my mental health in a negative way, I got out of this situation recently and have contacted the necessary authorities which is why I feel comfortable speaking about this now.

I was holding this in because I didn’t know what to do, I was never in a situation like this, and finally went to my friends and family about it and we concluded that this was the best way to handle this situation. Previous to today, I haven’t felt able to share anything because of the threatening behavior and nature of this person.”

“So basically we were in an on-and-off toxic relationship stemming from her actions and insecurities which led to these events that I’m about to show and this is only about 10% of the things she put me through. I’m only going to show the most notable things and sum them up. This person also has lied about my name to almost everyone she talked to if you heard anything about me from her it is most likely false,” Mike continued. “She would constantly manipulate and threaten me and my family including my mother’s daycare which has innocent children and babies (screenshots below). She would also constantly use racial and homophobic slurs.

“She would use self-harm as a manipulative tactic to prevent me from going to places in general, streaming content, and following female supporters among other things. For example, I wanted to go to TwitchCon and I didn’t bc of this. She made it impossible for me to go to an event I always wanted to go to for years and experience it because I feared for my own safety. This has happened before countless times.”

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