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Fortnite Chapter 5: New Map, Live Event, and Everything We Know


Fortnite Chapter 5: New Map, Live Event, and Everything We Know: Fortnite continues to be one of the top battle royale games with its recent ranked mode update. While the players are still excited about these new updates, Epic Games is planning something even more exciting. The players can expect a whole new map and new chapter almost six months from now. Here are all the details that we know about Chapter 5 of Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter 5: New Map, Live Event and Everything We Know

Epic Games has always been giving us the best of the content. The devs never disappoint us in any way and with the new updates such as the new ranked mode and anime collabs, they are surely winning the hearts of many players. With all that said, this does not mean that they stop here. The leaks of Chapter 5 of Fortnite are beyond your expectations.

First off let’s talk about the new map. Supposedly chapter 5 will bring us a whole new map. This new map will be replacing the older one. While this may be disappointing, there is no need to be disheartened as the new map will be something players have never seen before. There will be a whole new Battle Pass and much more.

When Will Fortnite Chapter 5 Release?

Epic Games has not confirmed the release date as of right now. However, players can expect it to be somewhere near December. This may sound weird considering that the previous chapters have been two years long. However, that is what the leaks say. This also hints that the new chapters will be shorter than the previous ones.

Also, note that chapter 5 will come after a new live event that will supposedly show us the destruction of the current island. The journey to chapter 5 of Fortnite surely sounds pretty interesting so make sure to take part in it. Also, make sure to stay tuned with us for more future updates.

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