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Fortnite announces Chapter 3 Season 2 Competitive Update details

Fortnite announces Chapter 3 Season 2 Competitive Update details
Fortnite announces Chapter 3 Season 2 Competitive Update details

Fortnite announces Chapter 3 Season 2 Competitive Update details – Whenever a new season starts in Fortnite, many players have queries regarding the changes made in the game, especially in the competitive scene. Yesterday, the Fortnite Team revealed some key details regarding the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) competitive update. They have mentioned all details about Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Competitive Update below.

Fortnite Champion Series: Arena Reset

The Fortnite Team has reset the hype points in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Competitive Playlists on 29th March. It will allow players to have a fresh start to begin in the new season of FNCS. Players will also be rewarded with a cosmetic in the game when they reach Contender’s League Division 5. Players who climb higher and unlock new divisions will receive an additional reward at each division. It will continue until they reach Champion’s League Division 10. The cosmetic reward details will be released at a further date.

Fortnite Champion Series: Competitive Preseason

The Fortnite Team holds a competitive preseason at the beginning of each new season. It allows the developers to make balance changes and refine the competitive loot pool before announcing non-Performance Evaluation Fortnite prized events. For example, in a recent hotfix, the Fortnite developers removed the Titan (Tanks) from competitive playlists and reduced the damage of the Stinger SMG and Combat SMG to both players and structures.

Fortnite Champion Series: Lightning Cups

At the end of Chapter 3, Season 1, the Fortnite team had introduced Lightning Cups in Competitive Fortnite. Even in this season, they plan to offer more Lightning Cups regularly throughout the season. It will fill up the tournament schedule each week. Players need to pay attention to the Fortnite Team announcements as the formats, game mechanics, and weapon themes may change between the Lightning Cups. The first one will begin on 5th April and is called the Zero Build Lightning Cup.

Fortnite Champion Series: Zero Build Tournaments

Many Fortnite players were surprised when the developers announced that they will introduce a Fortnite Zero Build. Here no player builds will be allowed. The first Zero Build tournament was the Chloe Kim Cup which was held on 24th March. The Fortnite Team is looking to introduce more such Zero Build competitive tournaments in the future. Third-party tournament organizers can host Zero Build competitive events if they follow the event license terms mentioned by Fornite.

In this season, Fornite Champion Series will provide more rounds for players to compete, along with more chances to qualify. Stay tuned as we bring you more updates from Fortnite.

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