Fnatic Announced Multi-Million-Pound Agreement with Clothing Brand ASOS


Fnatic Announced Multi-Million-Pound Agreement with Clothing Brand ASOS : Today, Fnatic, a London-based esports organization, announced a significant collaboration with ASOS, a leading worldwide clothing shop. The ASOS and Fnatic alliance is a multi-million-pound deal that brings gaming and fashion together. The two firms are collaborating to help gamers show their style both digitally and in person, and the ASOS emblem will appear on Fnatic jerseys in the future. It’s also the first time ASOS has worked with an esports company in general.

The rumored “multi-million-pound agreement” will include both online and offline activations, as well as the placement of ASOS’s emblem on the front of Fnatic’s jerseys. This will include the League of Legends World Championship shirt for the organization, which is set to debut next week.

Fnatic pro players and creators will appear in upcoming Asos campaigns, and the two will collaborate on a bespoke third alternate kit. The two companies have also agreed to collaborate on future digital kits and to provide branded in-game experiences and digital products.

“There are no other subcultures in the world that have inspired us more than gaming and fashion,” Fnatic CEO Sam Mathews remarked. Self-expression has become a major point of convergence for both audiences, both online and offline.

“Through our collaboration with ASOS, we will allow all gamers to create their own distinctive voice and style both within and outside of the game. We’re ecstatic to be working with ASOS to bring this shift to fruition.”

In addition, Fnatic and ASOS will collaborate on a digital content series featuring Fnatic pros. Tekkz, Mushway, Loeya, and Moonryde are just a few of the artists who will be collaborating with ASOS. Fans of Fnatic will be able to test out interesting VR experiences as well as innovative AR filters. This three-year arrangement will see the two businesses collaborate on branded in-game experiences and digital products, which is really intriguing.

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