FIFAe World Cup 2021 Announced – Start Date, Players, Prize pool and much more

FIFAe World Cup

EA Sports, developers of the FIFA franchise game has announced the launch of FIFAe World Cup 2021 that will feature 32 of the best players from around the world that will compete for a massive prize pool. FIFAe World Cup 2021 would be the final event under the EA SPORTS FIFA 21 Global Series. FGS 21 is a place where the best players in the world prove themselves to emerge as a champion. The players compete against one another in regional tournaments over several months. The top-performing players get invited to compete in their respective Regional Playoffs at the end of the year.

When is the 2021 FIFA eWorld Cup?

The top 32 players from around the world will qualify from the Global Series Playoffs in their respective regions. The FIFAe World Cup will be taking place between August 4th and August 8th, 2021. The competition will be hosted in London and players will be battling it out for a massive prize pool of $500,000 USD. The winner of the FIFAe World Cup 2021 will take home $250,000 USD from the prize pool.

The group stage will consist of four groups (8 players each) that would compete in a Round Robin format. The top four players from each group will advance to the playoffs. A single-elimination method will be used in the playoffs to decide the ultimate champion.

Though the players have qualified for the season on individual consoles, the FIFAe World Cup will feature a cross-console format to crown the ultimate world champions on both PlayStation and Xbox. For every match-up, one game will be played on Xbox and one game will be played on PlayStation in a two-legged format.

EA Sports has not announced the list of participating players. Players will qualify via the EA SPORTS FIFA 21 Global Series Playoffs in their respective regions in the upcoming weeks.

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