FIFA 22 Everything we know so far about the upcoming game

FIFA 22 Everything we know so far about the upcoming game
FIFA 22 Everything we know so far about the upcoming game

FIFA 22 Everything we know so far about the upcoming game: We haven’t officially heard anything from EA Sports regarding the launch of FIFA 22 yet. EA generally launches its new version of FIFA in the second quarter of the year. EA’s second quarter stretches from July-September end. Like last year, we are expecting EA to release their official trailer during the EA Play event. Last year FIFA 21 was confirmed and its trailer was out during the EA Play event. The company has confirmed that this year there will be an EA play live event on the 22nd of July. FIFA 22 is expected to be featured during this live event.

Who would feature in FIFA 22’s cover is also a hot topic. In FIFA 20, there were 3 players featured (Eden Hazard, Van Dijk, and Zinedine Zidane). And earlier we have seen Cristiano Ronaldo feature in FIFA 18 and 19 covers. There aren’t any leaks or rumors yet about who would feature in this year’s cover. Any top football star could be featured along with a few others too. Fans suspect that Erling Haaland, the emerging young super talent will be featured in this year’s cover since Kylian Mbappe who is seen as his direct rival of the generation featured in FIFA 21 last year.

With the launch of new consoles like PS5 and XBOX series X last year, many fans are concerned whether EA would launch the new game for older consoles like PS4 and XBOX One. We have seen that EA generally launches the game for a few generation old consoles as well, so there is no need to worry. PS5 and XBOX series X is fairly new consoles and not many players across the globe have upgraded yet. FIFA is likely to support the older consoles for a few more years. But it is official that FIFA 22 would not be launched for fairly older consoles like PS3 and XBOX 360.

Recently EA Sports shared the closed beta test for FIFA 22 where they have invited several popular streamers to try and give feedback about the game. After the leaks from the testers on social media, EA Sports closed the beta program. And now there is no info about when it will be coming.


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