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Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel Returns To Twitch After 7 Days Ban

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Félix Lengyel aka xQc returned to Twitch after 7 days long ban. The Candian Twitch streamer got a warm welcome by the community. The last few days were disappointing for the fans who follows and watches his stream regularly. Twitch banned him for violating the competitive guidelines in Twitch Rivals Tournament of Fall Guys.

While the Twitch community was recovering from this news, Twitch banned Liquid Mendo, Nightblue3, Tfue and GrandPooBear from the platform. The reason behind the ban of these 3 streamers was also a violation of Twitch’s conduct rules. All the banned streamers got back to streaming on Twitch, few days after the news xQc posted an announcement on Twitter that he was coming back soon.

After returning to streaming, the community showed immense support to xQc. Some crazy stats of the first stream after unban.

  • Peak Viewers: 117,783
  • Air Time: 12.3 hours
  • Total Hours watched: 997,191
  • Average CCV: 80,854
  • Views Gain: 537,874
  • Followers Gain: 6,242
  • Views Gain: 43611.5/per hour

This is not the first time when xQc got banned in the Twitch, he already got banned two times in past.

  • 12 – 13 Jun 2020          1 Days
  • 01 – 04 Mar 2020         3 Days

The recent ban came due to stream sniping incident that took place at GlitchCon of Twitch Rivals Tournament of Fall Guys. In this match xQc and his team eliminated the team comprising DrLupo, Shroud and Tyler1. After some investigation by the team, Twitch banned xQc from Twitch Rivals tournaments for time period of 6 months. xQc have not only received ban from the future events but also he also had to return all winning prize money of the event.

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