Famous Twitch Streamer Hasanabi got banned over TikTok a video sharing platform

Famous Twitch Streamer Hasanabi got banned over TikTok a video sharing platform

Famous Twitch Streamer Hasanabi got banned over TikTok a video-sharing platform- After Queen Elizabeth passed away on September 8, there was a worldwide outpouring of loving tributes, including some lovely remarks from some well-known personalities. Fans were particularly interested in hearing from Hasan, a streamer who has previously spoken out about his issues with the British monarchy and is well-known for placing a picture of the late Queen and Barack Obama behind him when he is live streaming.

When Hasan learned of Her Majesty’s demise, he was actually engaged in another activity while away from his streaming setup at QTCinderella’s Shitcamp, and he didn’t try very hard to conceal his joy.

When Hasan learned that the Queen had gone away at the age of 96, he was playing paintball alongside his companion and fellow streamer Zoil.

Hasan, a left-leaning pundit, yelled: “Get f**ked Queen” he acted like he was smoking a joint as he spoke. But after the video, Hasan disclosed that he has been suspended from TikTok as of September 9. He didn’t provide a particular explanation, but fans quickly theorized that it was because of his remarks in the widely shared tweet.

Hasan made light of the problematic influencer Andrew Tate being taken down from several social media platforms, including TikTok as he stated, “First they came for [Tate], now for me.”

Some of Hasan’s admirers were shocked by the news, particularly those who hadn’t saved his popular watermelon-breaking TikTok video from May 2022. Others, though, moved quickly to tweet it.

The suspension was followed by the restoration of Hasan’s account. However, it’s not clear if it will be permitted to continue posting videos or what the formal justification for the restriction was. 

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