Fall Guys- Ninja Leads The Charity Bid With $420,069 For Special Effect

Fall guys
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After its successful launch, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been trending across platforms. Presently, the game has more than tens of millions of PS4 players. Many brands and artists have been designing Fall Guys skins. After seeing the massive craze among the players. The Fall Guys official twitter announced “The thirst from brands has been unreal… so we’re turning it into something positive. In order for a custom skin to be created, users were asked to tweet the highest amount they’d be willing to donate to Special Effect – a charity designed to help gamers with physical disabilities.”

Within a few minutes after the announcement, one of the first bid came from Trainwrecks with $25,000 for the APE skin with the silverback Gorilla brand on the shirt. After these numbers are growing like crazy.


Mr Beast made a huge offer of $100,000. Hosting service “Bisect Hosting” bid $120,000 to get a blocky themed costume. After plenty of streamers bids one of the top orgs stepped in, G2 Esports came up with a huge bid of $130,003 to get a Samurai skin.

The party has been joined by various streamers and top esports organizations. One of the most popular streamers and gamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins took the bid at a higher level. He bid for $200,000 to charity. The G2 Esports again joined the battle with the bid of $203,003.

Mr Beast took the top spot by bidding a whopping $300,000 to surpass AimLab who had bid an amusing $210,069 to overcome the former top bidder in Ninja. Mr Beast bid was challenged by Canadian actor, director, internet celebrity and former soccer player Jon Paul Piques with $325,000.

Presently, Ninja and AimLab have combined together to take on all the competitors in the bid with a donation of $420,069. No one can tell how high the Fall Guys bids will go as 12 more days are remaining in the auction.

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