Everything you need to know about Final Fantasy XIV Relic Weapons

Everything you need to know about Final Fantasy XIV Relic Weapons

In the Final Fantasy series, legendary weapons known as Relic Weapons are inspired by equips from previous Final Fantasy games, each representing the most powerful weapon a certain job can have. When it comes to the history of a job in the FF series, Relic Weapons tend to play a pivotal role. Once players acquire a Relic Weapon, they can embark on a laborious quest to turn it into the most potent weapon.

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Relic Weapons in FFXIV

With each new expansion, more Relic Weapons make appearances in-game. Relic Weapons differ from expansion to expansion and are considered ‘reasonably powerful’ when compared to other weapons. Even though they have legendary status, they are not the best choices within their classes. This often sparks discussions within the community, as Relic Weapons require a lot of time to be transformed into their strongest versions.

The main reason for this is because the original purpose of Relic Weapons from previous expansions was not for use in battle, but rather as decorative or collectible items. When comparing weapons acquired during raids or with Allagan Tomestone of Poetics with Relic Weapons, the first are widely considered the clear winners. Currently, there are 5 Relic Weapon sets in Final Fantasy XIV:

Zodiac Weapons – level 50 required
● Anima Weapons – level 60 required
● Eurekan Weapons – level 70 required
● Resistance Weapons – level 80 required
● Manderville Weapons – level 90 required

After completing the game’s main storyline, players can access the side mission ‘A Relic Reborn‘ and with it, gain the opportunity to obtain their first Relic Weapon.

Relic Weapons have six upgrade tiers; original, Zenith, Atma, Animus, Novus, and Nexus. After reaching the Novus level, players will have the option to modify their weapon’s secondary attributes. Once players reach the Nexus stage, they will be able to upgrade their Relic Weapon to a Zodiac weapon. Relic Weapons are unique in that they are only equipable by specialized jobs and not by classes.

Jobs are extensions of classes, unlocked with Soul Crystals. They are stronger versions of their classes and require players to choose from three available roles. During raids, trials, and dungeons, team members will have to assume the roles of tanks, healers, and DPSs. Expansion-added jobs start at higher levels, have no base classes, and instantly gain the Soul Crystal. It is possible to level every class and job with a single character.

Are Relic Weapons Worth Getting?

Depending on your character’s class, Relic Weapons are mediocre at best, meaning spending the time and energy for upgrading them will probably not be worth your while if you are after damage. There are much better alternatives that can be acquired for significantly less effort. Also, Relics obtained from A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, and Stormblood only have a collectible value and are not worth taking into combat.

Apart from that, they are designed beautifully, offering a completely new perspective on the game’s attention to detail. Resistance weapons are considered better than their counterparts as upgrading them grants the player a guaranteed high-level weapon. Apart from that, Resistance Relics are comparable to those obtained from end-game raids, except that players do not have to rely on the raid drop RNG to get them.

As was already mentioned, the major reason people seek out relic weapons is not due to their superior damage output. Relic Weapons are visually appealing at best, with some exceptions. FFXIV is very focused on aesthetics and having legendary tier weapons with slight DPS improvements is logical in this sense. They have some of the most distinctive visual styles in the game and are worth collecting and upgrading for those looking to savor the entire Final Fantasy experience.

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