PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2021: EastPUBG Mobile World Invitational 2021: West

PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2021 is a charity PUBG Mobile tournament powered by Gamers Without Borders. PUBGM World Invitational is the biggest invitational tournament of PUBG Mobile where teams will get invited from all over the world. The event will take place from July 22 to July 25, 2021. A total of 32 teams will be participating in the event with 16 teams each competing in the east and west region. PMWI 2021 West region will feature teams from regions such as North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and many more.


  • Event – PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2021
  • Organizer – Tencent Games, Krafton, Gamers Without Borders
  • Sponsor – Gamers Without Borders
  • Type – Online
  • Location – West
  • Game More – TPP Squad
  • Teams – 16
  • Prize pool – $1,500,000 (Charity), $80,000 (Teams)
  • Start Date – 22-07-2021
  • End Date – 25-07-2021
  • EsportsGen Tier – Elite


Maps: TPP Erangel, Sanhok. and Miramar.

  • 16 teams from the PMWI 2021 West Region.
  • Teams will compete in a total of 20 matches over a period of 4 days.
  • Each day will feature a total of 5 matches

Points Distribution


*Kill Points – 1 per kill

Prize Pool

A total of $80,000 will be distributed among the 16 teams. $1,500,000 will be given to the charity.

Place$ USDTeam Name
1st$5000Alpha 7  Alpha7 Esports
2nd$5000konina power  Konina Power
3rd$5000Next Ruya Gaming  Next Ruya Gaming
4th$5000Road to glory  Road To Glory
5th$5000Ghost  Ghost Gaming
6th$500019esports  19esports
7th$5000Chivas  Chivas Esports
8th$5000Destiny  Destiny
9th$5000Gunz_Esports  Gunz Esports
10th$5000RAAD ESPORTS  RA'AD Esports
11th$5000Team Queso  Team Queso
12th$5000QLASH  QLASH
13th$5000udr  UDR Killers
14th$5000Lakonostra MVP  Lakonostra MVP
15th$5000Team Onyx  Team Onyx
16th$5000GODSENT  Godsent
Charity Prize Distribution
Place$ USDTeam NameDonated to
1st$352,000Alpha 7  Alpha7 EsportsUNICEF
2nd$232,000konina power  Konina PowerUNICEF
3rd$152,500Next Ruya Gaming  Next Ruya GamingUNICEF
4th$147,500Road to glory  Road To GloryGavi, The Vaccine Alliance
5th$122,000Ghost  Ghost GamingUNICEF
6th$57,50019esports  19esportsUNICEF
7th$50,000Chivas  Chivas EsportsGavi, The Vaccine Alliance
8th$112,000Destiny  DestinyUNICEF
9th$54,000Gunz_Esports  Gunz EsportsUNICEF
10th$46,500RAAD ESPORTS  RA'AD EsportsUNICEF
11th$29,000Team Queso  Team QuesoUNICEF
12th$32,000QLASH  QLASHGavi, The Vaccine Alliance
13th$26,000udr  UDR KillersUNICEF
14th$26,000Lakonostra MVP  Lakonostra MVPDirect Relief
15th$29,000Team Onyx  Team OnyxUNICEF
16th$26,000GODSENT  GodsentUNICEF
MVP$5,000Konina  Konina Power (KnowMe)UNICEF


PMWI 2021 West


#Team NameCDTotalDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4
1Alpha 7  A7  425147497481
2konina power  KP  222739677645
3Next Ruya Gaming  NR  221361455255
4Road to glory  RTG  3207463310028
5Ghost  Ghost  218021362796
619esports  19E  016950373844
7Chivas  Chivas  015848422543
8Destiny  Destiny  114966193430
9Gunz_Esports  Gunz  21412947956
10RAAD ESPORTS  RA'AD  11171749438
11Team Queso  Queso  11134425638
12QLASH  QLASH  110621382522
13udr  UDR  010340271917
14Lakonostra MVP  LKMVP  08939231710
15Team Onyx  Onyx  1864373312
16GODSENT  GOD  08331132217

Live Stream


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