PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2021: East

Ad imagePUBG Mobile World Invitational 2021: East

PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2021 is a charity PUBG Mobile tournament powered by Gamers Without Borders. PUBGM World Invitational is the biggest invitational tournament of PUBG Mobile where teams will get invited from all over the world. The event will take place from July 22 to July 25, 2021. A total of 32 teams will be participating in the event with 16 teams each competing in the east and west region. PMWI 2021 east region will feature teams from regions such as Southeast Asia, South Asia, Japan, TW/HK/MO, and many more.


  • Event – PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2021
  • Organizer – Tencent Games, Krafton, Gamers Without Borders
  • Sponsor – Gamers Without Borders
  • Type – Online
  • Location – East
  • Game More – TPP Squad
  • Teams – 16
  • Prize pool – $1,500,000 (Charity), $80,000 (Teams)
  • Start Date – 22-07-2021
  • End Date – 25-07-2021
  • EsportsGen Tier – Elite


Maps: TPP Erangel, Sanhok. and Miramar.

  • 16 teams from the PMWI 2021 East Region.
  • Teams will compete in a total of 20 matches over a period of 4 days.
  • Each day will feature a total of 5 matches

Points Distribution


*Kill Points – 1 per kill

Prize Pool

A total of $80,000 will be distributed among the 16 teams. $1,500,000 will be given to the charity.

Place$ USDTeam Name
1st$5000valdus  Valdus Esports
2nd$5000Natus_Vincere  Natus Vincere
3rd$5000D'Xavier  D’Xavier
4th$5000 Z3US_eSports  Zeus Esports
5th$5000arov  Bigetron RA
6th$5000DS Gaming  DS Gaming
7th$5000Yalla Esports  YaLLa Esports
8th$5000DRS_GAMING  DRS Gaming
9th$5000arg  REJECT
10th$5000black list  Blacklist International
11th$5000 A1_eSports   A1 Esports
12th$5000Geek_Fam  Geek Fam
13th$5000i8 esports  i8 Esports
14th$5000NASR  NASR Esports
15th$5000Fanatic Zombies  Fanatic Zombies
16th$5000myths  Team Myths
Charity Prize Distribution
Place$ USDTeamDonated to
1st$442,500valdus  Valdus EsportsInternational Medical Corps
2nd$202,500Natus_Vincere  Natus VincereUNICEF
3rd$117,500D'Xavier  D’XavierGavi, The Vaccine Alliance
4th$155,000 Z3US_eSports  Zeus EsportsUNICEF
5th$125,000arov  Bigetron RAGavi, The Vaccine Alliance
6th$45,000DS Gaming  DS GamingGavi, The Vaccine Alliance
7th$54,500Yalla Esports  YaLLa EsportsKing Salman Relief
8th$54,500DRS_GAMING  DRS GamingUNICEF
9th$40,000arg  REJECTUNICEF
10th$41,500black list  Blacklist InternationalUNICEF
11th$44,000 A1_eSports   A1 EsportsUNICEF
12th$61,500Geek_Fam  Geek FamUNICEF
13th$37,000i8 esports  i8 EsportsInternational Medical Corps
14th$26,000NASR  NASR EsportsUNICEF
15th$26,000Fanatic Zombies  Fanatic ZombiesDirect Relief
16th$23,000myths  Team MythsUNICEF
MVP$5000valdus  Valdus Esports (Martin)International Medical Corps


PMWI 2021 East


#Team NameCDTotalDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4
1valdus  Val  4287105517853
2Natus_Vincere  Navi  3224303710948
3D'Xavier  D’X  218651356139
4 Z3US_eSports  Zeus  218338633745
5arov  BTR  216538363061
6DS Gaming  DS  114938422643
7Yalla Esports  YaLLa  014736471648
8DRS_GAMING  DRS  214435174151
9arg  RJC  014135372930
10black list  Blacklist  213755411326
11 A1_eSports   A1  113316464724
12Geek_Fam  Geek  113256323014
13i8 esports  i8  012015462534
14NASR  NASR  09213222235
15Fanatic Zombies  FZ  08712351822
16myths  Myths  0542112156

Live Stream


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