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ESL Pro League Season 16: Team Vitality crowned CS:GO champions at Malta

ESL PRO LEAGUE 2022 Season 16

ESL Pro League Season 16: Team Vitality crowned CS:GO champions at Malta – After a grueling Playoffs bracket, Team Vitality and Team Liquid were the two teams who reached the Grand Finals. While Team Vitality’s finals spot was not surprising, Team Liquid overcome everyone’s expectations and silenced their critics by reaching here.

Both teams went head-to-head in a best-of-5 match series to determine the winner. While Liquid took the lead by the third map, Vitality made a comeback to force the fifth map for the decider. There they triumphed to become the EPL Season 16 champs.

Let us take a look at the recap of the Grand Finals.

1st map – inferno

Liquid started the series on a strong note. They were able to take a nice lead in the first half in Inferno, followed by a comfortable round win in second half. It helped them secure this map and gain a 1-0 lead.

2nd map – dust ii

But Vitality was not a team that could be pushed down so easily. On Dust II, they performed brilliantly and won this map to equalize the series 1-1.

3rd map – mirage

This was the longest map of the series. Both teams gave their all and we saw overtime being forced multiple times. Liquid managed to hold their nerves and finally registered a win with a 25-21 round score. It again gave them the lead in the series.

4th map – overpass

Being in a do-or-die situation, Vitality’s performance spiked. There is a reason many favored them in this series and the team proved everyone correct here. They held out against Liquid, forcing overtime and winning this map. This equalized the series again and fans would see both teams duking it out on the fifth map for the decider.

5th map – vertigo

By this time, it seemed that Vitality have finally found its groove. They took a massive lead in the first half and were able to convert it into a successful win in the next half.

With this 3-2 lead, Team Vitality beat Team Liquid in the Grand Finals and became the ESL Pro League Season 16 champions.

Stay tuned to get more such updates on CS:GO and its esports scene.

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