Epic Games will Continue to Provide Weekly Free Games for Entire 2022

Epic Games will Continue to Provide Weekly Free Games for Entire 2022

Epic Games has released its annual Epic Games Shop Year In Review along with Lunar New Year Sale, which includes a summary of key facts concerning the digital store and its users. It’s chock-full of useful Epic self-reported data, such as the fact that in 2021, over 194 million PC customers spent $840 million on the Epic Games Store. More is on the way, according to Epic. Epic promises that weekly free games will continue in 2022, along with other much-requested additions like voice chat and parties, community elements such as user-driven ratings and votes, and improved launcher speed and performance.

In terms of free games, Epic distributed 89 free games to a total of 765 million people in 2021. Those 89 games are worth a total of $2,120, implying that many more millions of dollars have been spent providing free games to consumers. Unsurprisingly, 76 of the games that were given out for free broke their all-time concurrent user records. And make no mistake: this is a significant expense. Epic has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on free game giveaways and timed exclusives to entice consumers to download the launcher. Epic intends to continue doing both for the foreseeable future, with no expectation of breaking even until 2027.

Daemon X Machina is free to claim on the Epic Games Store this week - Lunar New Year Sale

Epic has promised that it will continue to add features to the store, following the long-awaited release of a shopping cart in December. Profiles will be added, as well as the ability for players to prioritize downloads and enhancements to the Epic Games Launcher’s speed and performance. Until February 3, you may download the action mech game Daemon X Machina for free, with Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair being the following freebie.

The Epic Store’s Lunar New Year Sale started today, with discounts up to 75% off and a code for an extra $10 off any purchase over $14.99. The sale will end on February 10th.

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