Epic Games to Provide Blockchain Games Support after Valve Banned Games that use Blockchain Technology

Epic Games to Provide Blockchain Games Support after Valve Banned Games
Epic Games to Provide Blockchain Games Support after Valve Banned Games

According to The Verge, Epic Games is open to having blockchain games and games that support cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based assets in its store. Epic’s stance comes after Valve, Epic’s main competitor, banned games that use blockchain technology and assets like NFTs from Steam. When asked about the likelihood of games utilizing NFTs, Epic said it would be open to collaborating with early developers in the industry.

Games that use blockchain technology to exchange NFTs or bitcoin will no longer be available on Steam. Valve says distributors shouldn’t distribute “applications built on blockchain technology that issue or allow trading of cryptocurrencies or NFTs,” according to a new regulation on Steam’s partner onboarding page.

The news came from Tim Sweeney, the boss, who tweeted, “Epic Games Store will accept games that employ blockchain technology as long as they meet all applicable laws, disclose their terms, and are rated appropriately by a third party. Though Epic does not use cryptocurrency in its games, we embrace technological and financial innovation.”

Epic may compete with Valve by allowing games that Steam prohibits. Epic has previously demonstrated its willingness to take significant risks in order to make its shop a key role in the PC gaming space, and this could be another attempt to sway gamers and developers. After hearing about Steam, some NFT fans quickly turned to Epic.

Epic did say, though, that the games would have to comply with financial rules, clearly identify how the blockchain would be utilized, and have age ratings that were suitable. Epic also stated that developers would not be permitted to use their payment facilities to receive cryptocurrency payments.

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