Epic Games Paid 6 Million USD to Apple Following Court Order said Epic CEO

Epic Games Paid 6 Million USD to Apple Following Court Order

Epic Games Paid 6 Million USD to Apple Following Court Order said Epic CEO: Epic Games complied with the court judgment and paid Apple $ 6 million in restitution for breaking the App Store’s guidelines. This was disclosed on Twitter by Tim Sweeney, the company’s CEO, who also quipped that the money was transmitted via the Apple Pay system.

Epic also came up short on every other metric. Furthermore, the judge determined that Epic must pay Apple 30% of the $12.1 million in income it collected between August and October 2020, as well as 30% of any money earned between November 2020 and the present.

Epic Games’ claim against iPhone producers was affirmed by a federal court in California on September 10. Although Tim Cook’s company was not declared a monopoly, it was forced to allow developers to utilize third-party payment methods to make purchases in App Store apps. epic vs apple

Epic Games later filed an appeal, demanding that the verdict be reconsidered. According to Tim Sweeney, the business wants to make sure that developers can integrate payment systems into their App Store apps rather than just redirecting consumers to third-party websites.

Epic Games’ Fortnite was taken off from Google Play and the App Store in August 2020. The platform owners made this decision after the studio added the opportunity to make in-game purchases in the “battle royale” game, bypassing shop payment procedures. Epic Games then filed litigation against Google and Apple in a number of nations’ courts, as well as filing antitrust complaints against the corporation.

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