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Elementrix retain points earned in PMPL South Asia Scrims Season 2

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Pubg Mobile Esports officially announced that team Elementrix points for the scrims will retain which they earned during the PMPL South Asia Scrims Season 2 and will be compensated with additional prize money. The officials cleared that they are aware of the glitch caused by switching from TPP to FPP in smoke. And wanted to know the fans that a stance has been taken for the official esports competition.

The officials said, ” We will not action any team who used this glitch in previous tournament matches, but as per regulation from our ruleset, we’ll maintain the current result of our tournament. Fixing this glitch is our main priorities and we’re aiming to have it resolved in the next version update in May.”


On Day 7 of PMPL South Asia Scrims Season 2 Team Elementrix got disqualified in the last match of the Scrims. The team was accused of using the smoke glitch by shifting from TPP to FPP in the last circle of the match against Team Soul. Since smoke glitch was not used by Elementrix or any team for the first time. Many players used it to spot the enemy while remaining inside the smoke.

But as per the officials, the formal message was sent to the teams before the commencement of the match that any team found using the glitch during the match will be disqualified from the scrims and also the management could disqualify the team from the PMPL South Asia Regular Season.

One of the players from the team gave clarification, ” The shot was taken from outside of the smoke. I never entered the smoke to kill the opposite player. Moreover, the official announcement was made when our players were in the lobby discussing our plans and strategies for the next match. We are aware of the glitches in the game and we are sure that our team didn’t used any as per the rule.”

As a result, the team’s disqualification was reverted back by the officials and was compensated with the amount they won in the scrims.

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