EA Sports cancels FIFA 22 Beta test after several leaks from creators

FIFA 22 Everything we know so far about the upcoming game
FIFA 22 Everything we know so far about the upcoming game

EA Sports cancels FIFA 22 Beta test after several leaks from creators: FIFA 22 the game for which millions of players have been waiting, got a Beta Test Game. But the moment the leaks about the game started to fall upon the fans. EA decided to call the beta and canceled it. The fans of the game are now under the fear that the private beta may be under threat.

We expected that EA will reveal the major info about the game at the Play Live set on July 2021. The details that have been spoiled are going to experience a great number of changes this year. The whole Play Testing has been canceled. And now the fans are under the fear that they won’t be able to get a beta code near the release of the game. EA has not yet revealed anything about

FIFA 22. But this doesn’t mean that the leaks have been stopped from getting revealed in relation to gameplay and screenshots within the game. On June 23 a significant leaker who was within the community of FIFA leaked a decent amount of information and features about the game. The developer’s team has taken a stand against this.

Leaks revealed on June 23rd have seen some notable changes in the coming FIFA 22. These changes include Meta information as well as FUT champ changes. From what we know until now we think that some content creators were invited to the preview event. KingLangpard on Twitter was the guy who revealed most of these leaks.

Some guessed that the shutdown was due to server issues or bugs. But FutZone clarified on Twitter that the Playtest was shut down due to the leaks that are being shared on social media. Bugs or server problems are not the reason for the Shutdown of the server.

With not having any guarantees about the demo or the Beta playtest. We don’t know what will happen in the future. EA Sports hasn’t confirmed that will the game get a beta test or not. That’s all we know until now.

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