Dynamo Gaming Battlegrounds Mobile India C1S1 Stats, BGMI ID and Tier Overview

Dynamo Gaming Battlegrounds Mobile India Stats, BGMI ID and Tier Overview

Dynamo Gaming Battlegrounds Mobile India Stats, BGMI ID, and Tier Overview. The popular mobile battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India is the most loved game in India. Its innovative gameplay and captivating graphics have attracted millions of players. Not just the style of play, but also the Krafton esports event. In addition, Youtubers streams the game, which further increased its popularity. Dynamo Gaming is one such name in the Indian gaming community.

YouTuber Aditya ‘Dynamo’ Sawant is a prominent YouTube Gamer and Content Creator from India with long experience in the Gaming Community. Dynamo’s C1s1 stats and BGMI ID are shared in this article. 

Besides being very popular on YouTube, Dynamo is also one of the wealthiest BGMI players across the globe. He is the owner and leader of Hydra Clan which is one of the most prominent and best clans in India. Occasionally, we get to see him stream games other than BGMI, however most of the time he streams BGMI. Dynamo Gaming, which has the most subscribers of any YouTube channel among the BGMI YouTubers, is his YouTube channel. Streaming games on YouTube since August 2017, Dynamo joined YouTube on July 21, 2020. ‘Patt se Headshot’ is one of Dynamo’s most popular lines.

BGMI ID and Stats for Dynamo Gaming

BGMI ID for Dynamo Gaming is 591948701

As of August 13th, 2021, Dynamo’s BGMI stats for the new C1S1 ranked season are as follows:

  • BGMI Id: 591948701
  • Matches Played: 54
  • Wins: 13
  • Top 10: 36
  • Finishes: 173
  • F/D Ratio: 3.20
  • HeadShots: 50
  • Headshots Percentage: 28.9%
  • Win Ratio: 24.1%
  • Top 10 ratio: 66.7%
  • Average Damage: 539.8
  • Accuracy: 10.9%
  • Average Heals: 126.1
  • Revived: 30
  • Most Finishes: 11
  • Highest Damage: 1342

Overview of the Dynamo Gaming Tier

In the new C1S1 ranked season, Dynamo is ranked in Crown 3. No matches have been played by Dynamo in solo or duo mode. Therefore, the solo and duo modes are at Silver 3 and Gold 4 tiers respectively.

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