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Dune: Awakening – Details that you should know about this upcoming open world survival MMO

Dune: Awakening - Details that you should know about this upcoming open world survival MMO

Dune: Awakening, a new survival MMO trailer released in Gamescom 2022- During the Opening Night Live of Gamescom 2022, a brand new survival MMO trailer was released. It turns out that this upcoming game is based on the popular Dune franchise. Its name is Dune: Awakening and you need to be careful not to confuse it with another game called Dune: Spice Wars. That is an RTS game currently available on early access on PC.

Dune: Awakening – Trailer Breakdown

In the Dune: Awakening trailer, we see the protagonist Paul Atreides delivering his iconic monologue from Frank Herbert’s novels. Paul says “fear is the mind-killer” and then the camera produces a shot from behind view showing an ornithopter flying towards a sandstorm.

In the trailer, we also see a spice harvester getting swallowed up by a sandworm. Paul has blue-within-blue eyes in the trailer, confirming that he has become one of the Fremen. In the end, we see him launching off a cliff to ride the incoming sandworm.

Dune: Awakening – MMO Gameplay

While there is no clear gameplay footage available now, we can check out the developer’s previous works to get an idea about what to expect. Dune: Awakening is being developed and published by Funcom. They are mostly known for another survival game: Conan Exiles. The game is set in the world of Conan the Barbarian and players have to survive in the fictional prehistoric age.

Dune: Awakening is also a survival MMO with the player having to explore the desert world of Arrakis. Thus, Funcom developers have experience in this field and many have high expectations from them.

By reading the Dune: Awakening page on Steam, we also get a few hints as to what we can do in the game.

  • Players need to build shelters against sandstorms, maintain their stillsuit, and master the old ways to walk even in the deepest deserts. They also have to avoid or be devoured by the colossal sandworms that dwell beneath the sands.
  • Players also need to hunt for exotic spice blooms by deploying their harvester. They need to protect it from opportunistic raiders and rival factions.
  • In the game, users can tailor every aspect of their character. Consuming the spice allows them to conquer their senses and acquire powerful abilities. Players need to hone their craft to create the best things in the game. There will also be a fortress creation aspect.
  • Exploring unmapped sectors will allow players to discover secrets and riches. They need to be fast as the Coriolis storms might shift the sands and alter the landscape.

Dune: Awakening – Available Platforms

As per the developers, Dune: Awakening will be available on multiple platforms when it gets released. The game will run on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. Since the game features intense graphics that need the processing power present only in the current gen of consoles, the game will not be released for previous-gen consoles.

Interested users can sign up for the beta at the official Dune: Awakening website right here.

Dune: Awakening – Release Date

Funcom has not yet provided a clear release window for the game. It is not surprising as the trailer released at Gamescom 2022 was the first reveal of the game. As the game development progresses, Funcom is sure to provide more clear details in the future.

Stay tuned for more such news and updates regarding the latest and upcoming games.

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