Dr Disrespect teases a new song on his Livestream


Dr Disrespect teases a new song on his  Livestream- YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect has revealed a sneak peek at an unreleased song he’s been working on, leaving fans all over the world excited for it to be available soon. Although the release date of the new music is not revealed, the Esports insider, Jake Lucy informed via a Twitter post, that the new song was teased on a live stream performed by Dr Disrespect and the release dates are to be updated further.


Dr Disrespect teases a new song on his  Livestream

Since Dr Disrespect began his career on his YouTube channel, he has amassed over 3.7 million followers and has received hundreds of thousands of viewers on his live streams where he plays a variety of games like Warzone, Escape From Tarkov, and many more. Not only that but he also owns a gaming studio named Midnight Society. It has developed Deaddrop, a game from the ex-developers of Call of duty and Halo.

Things don’t end here with all these launches; he has been consistently expanding his growth and reach to different platforms and has also released several songs of his own. ‘Red skies’ is one of those songs released by Dr disrespect, whose music seems to have found similarities to Hans Zimmer’s ‘interstellar’ and ‘Dune.’


Always in search of innovation, Dr Disrespect did not hesitate to create his own music to enrich his life. From “Gillette” to “Alleyways” via “Red Skies”, his original songs have been listened to by millions of people until they have become real hits. Earlier this year, Doc also revealed a new unreleased song during a recent Escape from Tarkov stream, and members of The Champions Club are excited for it.

The strategy to increase awareness of his brand through songs is a genius strategy to stay hooked in people’s minds. Although it is to be seen whether his eagerness to double down and capitalize on this success spells its magic or not. He has firmly decided to take it to the next level with a full album.

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