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Dr Disrespect roasted TimTheTatman over his Call of Duty Vanguard gameplay

Dr Disrespect roasted TimTheTatman over his Call of Duty Vanguard gameplay.

Dr Disrespect roasted TimTheTatman over his Call of Duty Vanguard gameplay. Dr Disrespect, a streaming legend, is quite pumped for Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone updates, but he isn’t quite as enthusiastic about the gameplay of TimTheTatman, which he mocked live. TimTheTatman got his hands on Vanguard and got a chance to try out the latest CoD for himself, but the conditions could have been better and he would not have earned Doc’s ire.

Having been matched up against someone he didn’t particularly like in the lobby, Tim felt defeated right away. The two-timer Esports awards winner asked, “Do you have any fear, Timmy?” “Don’t tell me it’s Swagg he fears? I would bury Swagg instantly. I’d cut him down.”

Dr Disrespect roasted TimTheTatman: At the beginning of the game, Doc was unhappy with Tim’s choice of weapon, his controls, and his kill-death ratio. As Tim kept getting slaughtered, Doc grinned wickedly and said, “Jesus, you’re two and eleven.”. „You don’t do sh*t!” He continued, “You’ve got a K/D that is below one!” Tim pointed out that they were playing against FaZe Swagg. Does he hear you? I don’t know how many times, Tim. Isn’t it unfair? Wake up!” he exclaimed.

The more funniest part of it was that some of Doc’s backseat gaming would have come in handy because he told Tim to stay in the same spot otherwise he would end up being shot. Shortly after, YouTube’s newest star was victimized. Dr Disrespect did praise Tim when he made a good play, such as securing frags with grenades or capturing an objective. It seemed as if every time Tim made a good play, a couple of poor deaths would follow, preventing him from being successful.

Even so, Doc and Tim are likely to work together quite a bit in CoD Vanguard, so it’s probably best that Tim sees what he’s working on now rather than when the game launches. From now until then, both streamers can improve a great deal, as both have some major chemistry to develop after Doc’s infamous Twitch ban back in 2020.

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