Dr Disrespect addresses concerns regarding movement changes and flinching in Warzone 2

Dr Disrespect addresses concerns regarding movement changes and flinching in Warzone 2
Dr Disrespect addresses concerns regarding movement changes and flinching in Warzone 2

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect has recently expressed his concerns about the movement mechanics in Warzone 2, calling for additional changes following the Season 3 Reloaded update. While the developers have made some adjustments to address player feedback, Dr Disrespect believes that the game still feels sluggish at times.

Movement Changes in Warzone 2

Since the release of Warzone 2, players have noticed a disparity in movement capabilities compared to the original Warzone. While the new version allows for extended diving maneuvers to evade enemies, it lacks the dynamic slide-canceling provided in the original game. Dr Disrespect stages the sentiments of many players, urging the developers to reintroduce these fast-paced movement mechanics.

With the Season 3 Reloaded update, the developers made certain movement adjustments. They increased the initial sliding acceleration by 6% and reduced the weapon raise delay after a parachute landing by 30%. While these changes aimed to enhance the gameplay experience, Dr Disrespect argues that more needs to be done. He encountered issues during fights, particularly while mantling on the cover after climbing ladders. The streamer suggests increasing the ladder climb speed by approximately 15-20% to address this problem.

Dr Disrespect also points out that the Season 3 Reloaded update made mantling “friendlier” by introducing strafe mantling. However, he believes that this feature requires further refinement and adjustment to provide a smoother gameplay experience.

Excessive flinching makes snipers irrelevant

Moreover, the streamer expresses dissatisfaction with the amount of flinch caused by sniper rifles. He argues that the excessive flinch makes snipers irrelevant and diminishes the enjoyment of using these weapons. Dr Disrespect advocates for reducing flinch to allow snipers to maintain their effectiveness and improve overall gameplay balance. You can navigate to 18:30 regarding Warzone 2 issues noted by Dr Disrespect.

While Dr Disrespect’s opinions carry weight due to his immense following, he is not alone in his desire for further movement changes in Warzone 2. The gaming community has expressed similar concerns, emphasizing the importance of responsive and fluid movement mechanics.

As of now, it remains uncertain whether the developers will implement additional movement adjustments based on these criticisms. However, the feedback from Dr Disrespect and the wider player base provides valuable insights that the developers should consider to enhance Warzone 2’s gameplay experience.

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