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DJ Alok vs Leon: Who has the better skills in Free Fire OB30 Update?

DJ Alok vs Leon: Who has the better skills in Free Fire OB30 Update

DJ Alok vs Leon: Who has the better skills in Free Fire OB30 Update? Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games and it boasts one of the most diverse character rosters on the marketplace. Given below, we have compared Leon vs DJ Alok to find out which player has more ability in Free Fire for October 2021. A total of 43 characters are currently available in Free Fire. DJ Alok is the most popular character in the Free Fire. He was first introduced in-game as part of a collaboration with the popular ‘DJ Alok’. 

DJ Alok – “Drop The Beat”

The DJ Alok character from Free Fire is known for his special ability called “Drop the Beat”, which allows the player to create a 5-meter zone around himself where the movement speed of allies is increased by 15%. Additionally, this ability heals the player and allies inside this zone for 5HP per second for 10 seconds. This is an excellent ability, and it also has a short cooldown.

Leon – “Buzzer Beater”

Leon was introduced as part of the OB30 update. This person is billed as a rising star in the basketball scene. His special ability is known as the ‘Buzzer Beater’. When his skill is maxed, he will recover 25 HP when the skill reaches level 6. When his skill is at level 1, he recovers 5 HP after surviving combat each time.

DJ Alok vs Leon: Who has the better skills in Free Fire OB30 Update?

As we compare Leon vs DJ Alok’s skill comparison, it is clear that one uses a passive skill while the other uses an active skill for the comparison to be valid. Although there can only be one winner in this comparison. DJ Alok grants fast movement speed, as well as HP recovery to the player and his allies in the aura for quite some time. Meanwhile, Leon is a new character in the roster with a passive skill that restores HP after a battle is won.

As we compare the skill potential of these two players, it becomes considerably clear that DJ Alok is a greater talent than Leon. Therefore, DJ Alok has easily won the Leon vs DJ Alok battle in Free Fire for October 2021.

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